Where’s my ****** hash browns you stugatz?!?, plus other matters

Poor Paulie…

Tony Sirico, better known as Paulie Walnuts to youse and me, has surfaced in a new Denny’s commercial.

I have a hard time thinking of something that would be more diamaterically opposed to the mafioso culture than eating breakfast at a Denny’s.

Tony, Big Pussy and the Gang sipping espresso outside Satriale’s (now with dismembered Richie Aprile on sale)? Cool.

Tony taking senile Junior for his Senior French Toast Slam? Not so much.

Look, I’m sure he cashed a nice check for this and probably can have a Grand Slam anytime he wants, but it’s just sad seeing someone who was on an iconic television show reduced to shilling for pancakes and sausage patties.

But if Paulie can get a commercial deal, then by God, this guy needs one too.


That’s Michael K. Williams. He plays Omar Little, my favorite character on my favorite TV show, The Wire. Imagine Robin Hood if, instead of robbing the rich in Sherwood Forest, he robbed drug dealers in Baltimore. And cornholed the occasional Merry Man.

If you don’t know about The Wire (and based on the ratings and lack of award nominations, you probably don’t), it’s one of the best shows to come down the pike in quite some time. They currently are wrapping up their final season — just six episodes to go. Once everything’s finito, I’ll probably start recapping the show from the very first episode to a) fill the Wire void, b) entertain myself and c) rip off Matt’s idea.

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