Surfing Samurai Robots

Every year Stephe and I go to Wizard World in Dallas, or Arlington to be more precise.  One of the highlights of the weekend is the mad dash to hit as many “Half Price Books” as we can before we leave the Metroplex.

Surfing Samurai Robots

Last year’s find was this beauty.  When I found it in the “rare” section I showed it to Stephe.  The phrase “moral imperative” was used.  For four dollars it was used accurately.

A full review is forthcoming, but until then, let the back cover whet your appetite.

 He called himself Zoot Marlowe, said he’d just blown in from Bay City, but even the wacked out surfer dudes could tell that the four-foot detective with the giant schnoz was from somewhere out of their world.  Still, he could throw a mean frisbee and he said he was a private eye, and when someone decided to smash and trash all the surfing robots in Malibu just days before the biggest surfing contest of the year, Zoot was the only being around willing to track the bot beaters down.

But Zoot didn’t know just how widespread a conspiracy he was about to run up against.  For this first case of his Earthly career would see him taking on everything from the Malibu cops to Samurai robots; motorcycle madmen to talking gorillas; and a misplaced mistress of genetic manipulation…

 You had me at talking gorillas.

 More coming soon…

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