Now with Extra Pulp

Earlier this year, I picked up “Slide” because I had previously read “Lights Out” by Jason Starr and really enjoyed it.  The co-author Ken Bruen keeps showing up on my recommendation list so this seemed right up my alley.

Its a tale of violence, sex, and double crosses.  Everything good noir should be.

I’d been seeing and hearing about Hard Case Crime for a while, but this was the first of their books I picked up.  If you are a fan of noir, classic or neo, this publisher probably has something you’re looking for.

They publish out of print stories by classic authors like Erle Stanley Gardner, as well as new stuff by writers like Stephen King.  It’s a great idea whose time has come.  These are books that are fun to read without requiring too much mental commitment.

Most days that’s about the best I can hope for.

A couple of weeks ago I was rummaging through a nearby Big Lots and came across a box full of paperbacks.  Included in that number were the five Hard Case books pictured above.  I’m working through “Top of the Heap” right now.  Reviews will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, grab some Hard Case Crime and toss back a slug of rye with your favorite dame.

You’ll be glad you did.

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