It doesn’t seem real.

Ric Flair can’t possibly be retired can he?

I’m not saying he shouldn’t.  It was time, but after all these years, the Nature Boy is gone.

Flair was the first “new” NWA World Champion when I started watching wrestling in the early 80s.  He took the belt off of Harley Race and proceeded to announce his arrival on Georgia Championship Wrestling in what would become his signature style for the next 20+ years.

He styled and profiled like no other.

And now, the “whoo” has been silenced.

I think its safe to say that there will never be another like the Nature Boy in the current corporate WWE climate.  Oh, they’ll try, but they’ll fail.

Like everyone on Monday Night Raw last week, I’d just like to say thank you to Ric Flair.  Thank you for making it cool to like the bad guys.  Thank you for the Four Horsemen.  Thank you for classic promos.  Thank you for your matches with Ricky Steamboat.  Thank you for keeping Space Mountain open for all these years.

Thanks for being the limousine ridin’, jet plane flyin’, wheelin’, dealin’ kiss stealin’ son of a gun!

Thank you.


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