How I Spend My Days – Or How I Learned To Stop Working and Hate Sprextel

My wife asks me why I come home in such an ugly mood sometimes. So, for her benefit and yours, I thought I’d share these with the world.
This is how I spent my afternoon, sending love notes to Sprint/Nextel.

I recently ordered and received 10 aircards from Sprint Nextel…and have been informed, by Sprint, that all 10 are ‘bad’.

10 of them are bad.

I ordered 10 and 10 of them are bad.

Can you possibly understand how upset I am about this. Seriously, 10 out of 10? What the hell is that all about?

I wasted HOURS on the phone with the Sprint Technical support people and got NO satisfaction. None. Zip. Nada.

I have a local authorized service center that helps me with the issues I can’t resolve myself. They spent another couple of hours on the phone with your tech nimrods and were finally told…’I guess they’re ‘bad’.

Nice answer. Sprint obviously trained this guy so very, very well.

At least it is better than being told ‘There’s a nationwide outage going on right now that only affects this model of card.’

What, do they think I’m really that dumb?

XXXX, this situation is simply unacceptable. Your company has me seriously looking at other wireless vendors…for my WHOLE ACCOUNT.



Good afternoon! Do you still have them? I am with you in that I doubt 10 out of 10 are bad. Not that it isn’t possible, it’s just highly unlikely. Your local service center couldn’t help you either, that’s unusual too. They are under warranty if you just ordered them. Did they tell you what to do to get them replaced? The service center didn’t honor the warranty?


We ordered them to come in activated. I plugged one in, it loaded the ‘Broadband Lite’ software, but would do nothing else. With help from the Sprint Technical Support team, I, and the Service Center folks, tried to manually program them, unlock them, entered all kinds of code, but nothing worked. I think they were sent out improperly formatted or programmed or whatever.

The point is none of the 10 worked the way they were supposed to. 10 useless aircards.

I’ve lost a couple of hours beating this dead horse, not to mention that I’m going to be delayed deploying these to the field by a week while I wait for the replacements to come in.

As for a warranty, I think something has to actually work and break before you can act on a warranty.
When it doesn’t work out of the box it is just a time-siphoning piece of junk. Come to think of it, I would have been less angry recieving 10 empty boxes.

Here’s my issue.

These should have worked out of the box. I ordered this product to use it. I can’t use them and I can’t find anyone in a support role at Sprint who can make this right. I feel that I have been lied to by the Technical Support people who have told me there’s an outage, there’s not an outage, there’s a tower down.

Make up your mind.

Now I have to wait another couple of days to deploy a product I should have been able to put into the field two days ago.

You have advertised yourself as my Sprint contact so I’m going to vent on you. The local provider/service center is in the process of ordering the replacement cards for me, but that doesn’t really mitigate my frustration.

Sprint has failed me big time.

Who wants my job.

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