Fight the Power!

I never cease to be amazed by the lengths people will go to in order to stick it to “The Man.”

This morning I cracked open a brand new roll of nickels we’d gotten from the bank.  As I was counting the cash, I discovered that one of the coins was not a nickel, but rather it was…

Hand modeling by David Cantu
Hand modeling by David Cantu

That’s right friends and neighbors, someone went to the trouble of sticking what I have to assume is a dead battery inside a roll of nickels they gave to the bank.

They stuck it to the man for five cents.

I applaud their ingenuity.  When I held the battery up to a nickel it was only slightly smaller so it would have rested unnoticed in that roll of nickels until I opened it.  It was the perfect scam.

I repeat, they stuck it to the man for five cents.

Maybe they then turned it around and bought some Burger King French Fry and Ketchup Flavored chips.  That would make my week.

Let’s pretend that’s what happened.

It’s always the tiny victories in the fight that feel the best.  I’m sure this freedom fighter will tell his story over and over to anyone who will listen.  I’m sure he, or she, is proud of bucking the system in their own little way.

Hey, if they did it 20 times they made a buck.

And that, my friends, is how you make millions.

Fight the power!

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