A Great Week for Playa’ Haters

Growing up in Michigan and having lived most of my life since in Houston, I learned a few things early that have stuck with me. College football in California sucks. So does college football in Florida. This is a Michigan-Texas common ground. Sometimes it hasn’t actually bourne true. But it’s still some good common ground.

Professionally, the old lessons have held closer to form. Sports teams from Chicago blow (usually true). Sports teams from Dallas are big wusses. (True often enough).

And so, the week that was:

Oregon St. 27, USC 21
Fresno St. 36, UCLA 31

Sure, UCLA is having a (nother) generally bad year. But this was a first-time loss to Fresno at home. The USC loss speaks for itself: overinflated, press-believing fools get soft, fall hard.
It’s also nice watching a bunch of NFL rejects, wannabes, or never-weres (Carroll, Neuheisel, Chow) prowling the sidelines helplessly.

Ole Miss 31, Florida 30

….in Gainesville. Classic! Urban Meyer’s a whiny puss and his team is starting to play like it knows this. Tim Tebow? Another Rex Grossman at best at the next level. Probably more like Andre Ware (though I had a blast watching him with 7 other people doing the run-and-shoot in the ‘dome all those years ago) or Charlie Ward (who had enough sense to play basketball..well).  

We’ll let FSU off the hook this week because they’re weak, Bobby Bowden’s old, and they lost to Wake at home the week before (not because they beat Colorado. Who cares?).

And then comes Sunday.
Redskins 26, Cowboys 24

….at Texas Stadium. With Jerry Jones gripping on the sidelines. It were purty. Their run defense: shredded. Their pass defense: shredded. Their running game: invisible. T.O.: reverting back to cry-baby form. Keep trying ‘boys. You’ll get over one year or another.

It was fun watching Jim Zorn succeed. I’m also still sorry the Texans didn’t draft Felix Jones. I think he will be a top-shelf NFL running back at some point. Other than that: Go REDSKINS!

Alas, perfection could not be, and the deservedly hated Chicago White Sox failed to lose.

Oh well. Let’s just make sure we avoid a Cubs-Sox series.

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