We Don’t Need Another Hero…



Slump?  We are the worst heroes ever! – Ando to Hiro in “Angels and Monsters”

I’ve been watching NBC’s “Heroes” since the first episode.  I really enjoyed Season 1.  It did a fine job of establishing the “Heroes” universe and its mythology.

The cast was solid.  The characters were, for the most part, interesting.

Then they blew it with the finale.

Then they blew it with Season 2.

Now, with the exception of last week’s episode, they’re blowing it again in Season 3.

That’s 3 strikes kids.

I really want to keep watching the show, but with each week it gets harder and harder to justify spending an hour of my life on it.

With that being said, here are a few suggestions on how to improve and/or save this show.

1.  Lose some characters – We’ve gone from a tight little group of characters to a huge and bloated cast.  Any time the writers find themselves in a bind, they drop in a new character with a new power.  That’s just lazy.  You’ve got 2 characters walking around with nearly every power you’ve mentioned.  Use them.  Also, when someone is killed let them stay dead.  It makes the death more resonant.  It gives other characters motivation.

Expendable characters include – Nathan Pettrelli, Momma Petrelli, Nikki Sanders (or whatever they’re calling her this year), the speedster, Mohinder, Maya, Linderman, Momma Bennett and the new painting with my eyes white guy.

2.  Don’t be so mythos-centric – The “Heroes” universe is founded on the conspiracy of “the Company.”  Much like the organization in “X-Files” they run things behind the scenes.  Problem is we know far too much about them after only 2 seasons.  Every episode seems to feature “Level 5” the company’s super secret detention center.  That thing should only be see a couple of times a year.  Let’s have some stand alone episodes where you actually DEVELOP the characters.  Its okay to have the mythology in the background, but it shouldn’t be the driving force behind the show.  It should augment the story, not BE the story.

3.  STOP TIME TRAVELLING – Seriously.  This is the show’s biggest crutch.  In a corner, time travel.  It was clever at first, but frankly, now its just annoying.  We’re into the third season and each season’s main story has revolved around someone travelling through time to stop the destruction of the world.  Enough.  Try telling a linear story in the present.

4.  Stop recycling – The worst part of season 3 seems to be that it seems like a rehash of season 1.  From the paintings to the dangers of Sylar, it seems very much like we’ve “been there and done that.”  Stretch.  Challenge me as a viewer.

5.  Stop stealing – Season 1 was a riff on the X-Men’s “Days of Future Past.”  I dug that.  Now we’ve got the straight theft of Cronenburg’s “The Fly.”  Its not even subtle.

6.  Mind Your Own Continuity – Please!  PLEASE!!  You stranded Peter’s Irish girlfriend in a future that may or may not exist anymore.  Does Peter care?  Did he try to save her?  No.  In fact, he’s not even mentioned her since his return to the present.  That’s not right.

There you have it.  Just a few suggestions from a very frustrated fan.

“Save the fans.  Save the show.”

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