The Music of the Universe?

The wife and I had an all day Chuck-a-thon to open the new year.

We both like NBC’s Chuck, but it seems to always get pushed to the back of the line when its time for some TV viewing.  However, with everything in reruns or bad reality shows, we took the opportunity this week to catch up on the 9 episodes of Chuck sitting on the old DVR.

My favorite was the episode titled “Chuck v. Tom Sawyer.”


I’m an 80s geek, born and bred.  This one had Atari, Rush and Missile Command and a whole lot of geeky 80s goodness.

The end sequence where Chuck tries to get the high score on Missile Command and unlock the fabled “Kill Screen” is an all time classic.

Well, it is if your an 80s geek like me.

Enjoy kids.

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