GonzoGeek Interviews Daffney

Standing 8 Count
Standing 8 Count


Back in November at Wizard World – Texas, we were fortunate enough to meet Daffney.  You may remember her as David Flair’s screamer in the WCW, or you may recognize her as TNA’s “Sarah Palin.”  Either way, Daffney was kind enough to agree to be the very first interview with your local GonzoGeeks.  Here now is our interview with Daffney – Bruce & Stephe

GG:  Let’s start with an easy one.  Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

Daffney:  Curt “Mr. Perfect” Henning.


With Curt Henning
With Curt Henning

GG:  You were kind enough to show us one of your lucha tattoos.  How many are there?

Daffney:  So far I have five, but I intend to add more.  As far as who they are?  Only a few privileged know.

GG:  In WCW, you used the last name Unger.  Was that a nod to the “Odd Couple” nature of your relationship with David Flair?  Why did you stop using it?

Daffney:  That was the name the writers gave me, so I can’t say as to what it was a nod to.  Few people know that fun fact.  And I do still use it sometimes.

GG:  What has been your greatest moment in a wrestling ring?

Daffney:  Toss up between taking the figure four from Ric Flair and taking a piledriver from Terry Funk.

GG:  What’s the worst side/day job you’ve ever had while wrestling?  Why?

Daffney:  Being a waitress.  Some people can be REAL ASSHOLES.

GG:  Are John Cena and Randy Orton the same guy but just with different stick on tattoos?

Daffney:  Don’t know either one well enough to tell ya.

GG:  How’s life on the independent scene?

Daffney:  Every day I’m hustlin’.


Delirious & Daffney
Delirious & Daffney

GG:  There seems to be a growing women’s wrestling scene.  You just added a link to SlamminLadies.com to your MySpace.  Tell us about that.

Daffney:  Lexie Fyfe runs Slammin’ Ladies down in Tampa.  It’s wondeful when a bunch of us get together, have matches and then also have quality time to vist and catch up as some are dear friends.  Plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business.

GG:  Anything else you’d like to plug?

Daffney:  I think I just totally plugged Slammin’ Ladies which is very plug worthy.  BUT, also, if you are a Daffanatic, buy some merch.  Show some love.  Support a poor screamer.

Photos courtesy of Shannon Spruill

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