Classic Superstars Series 22 – Andy Kaufman

World Inter-Gender Champion
World Inter-Gender Champion


Back in the late 70s/early 80s, Andy Kaufman unleashed his uniquely skewed comedy/performance art on the world.

People’s opinions of Kaufman differ wildly and rightfully so.  His idea of funny was not for everyone.

Most people remember his as Latka on “Taxi.”  So only know him as the guy Jim Carrey played in that “Man on the Moon” movie.

That’s a shame.  The guy was a certified genius.

One the greatest bits he ever did was his long running feud with Jerry Lawler in Memphis Championship Wrestling.  For decades nobody, Kaufman’s family and friends included, knew if the feud was real or premeditated.  That alone is cause for celebration.

In today’s everyone knows everything internet world this fabulous bit would never have worked.  Back then, well, it was national news.

It only makes sense then that Kaufman, a lifelong wrestling fan, has been immortalized in plastic as part of the WWE’s Classic Superstars line.  Technically, its Kaufman’s second appearance in the line.  He previously appeared as part of a 2-pack with Lawler and a stretcher.  Genius.

Yesterday, I found the new solo Andy on a peg at a local Toys R Us.  I didn’t even hesitate before grabbing him.


Andy once again comes packaged with a stretcher.  Thats necessary after taking a couple of piledrivers from the King.


What makes this figure different than the previous one is the inclusion of Andy’s ring/bath robe.  That’s a great addition.  Otherwise the gear is the same thermals and shorts Andy used to wear while defending his World Intergender Title.  Also a nice touch?  The neck brace.  Kaufman wore one for months after his confrontation with Lawler,including the infamous appearance on David Letterman’s show.  He really sold it.


My one minor gripe?  I really wish they’d put “Women’s Wrestling Champion of the World” on the shirt or included a Women’s Title belt.  Sexist?  Maybe a little.  Funny?  Absolutely.


I’d like to think that wherever it is that Andy is hiding, he’s got one of these and he’s creating new and exciting storylines involving himself and the current stars of the WWE with Bob Zmuda as Mr. McMahon and Tony Clifton as the Triple H.

This is a great figure and a welcome addition to any true Kaufman fan out there.

Remember, he’s from Hollywood!

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