“A Touch of Death” – the review

It looked like an easy score...
It looked like an easy score...


It began as a burglary…AND ENDED AS A NIGHTMARE!

This is the third Hard Case Crime book from my Big Lots score a few months back.  It is also my favorite so far.

It is a simple idea, exercised perfectly from beginning to end.

Seeing print for the first time in over 40 years, Charles Williams’ book wastes no time setting the stage.

Our hero, Lee Scarborough, a washed up and washed out former college football standout, is on his last legs and trying to sell his car.

This leads him to an encounter with a woman sunbathing topless and a heist of $120k in embezzled bank funds.

It also leads him straight to Madelon Butler.

Saying much more about the plot would give too much away, but suffice it to say that the character of Madelon Butler is more than she seems at first and the money is much harder to get hold of.

This book was a real page turner by a true master of the noir form.  Lee is your typical down on his luck protagonist, but he doesn’t come across as one dimensional.  And Madelon Butler?  Well, you’ll remember her long after this book is back on the shelf.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start a noir or Hard Case library, I heartily recommend this book.  Its got everything good noir should have, and its got it in spades.

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