Vote For The Worst: Bungles of the W. era

The fine folks over the Center for Public Integrity have put together a fun little way to revisit the disaster that has been the US executive branch for the past 8 years: you can rank W. and gang’s biggest mistakes from a list of more than 100!smallks4

I admire the work it must have taken to narrow the list down even that far, and whether your personal favorites lie in the realms of failed intelligence, intentional deceit, the oppression of science, erosion of our rights, or any number of other categories, there’s plenty for you to pick from.

They’ve set it up so it doesn’t take more than a few minutes, and gosh darn it, sometimes it’s just nice to spend a little being reminded how RIGHT you were about something.

Here’s the gateway to masochistic good times: BROKEN GOVERNMENT: Vote for the Worst!

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