The 2009 Wrestling Project

Anyone that knows me finds out sooner or later that I like wrestling. I don’t hide it. Not ashamed of it (well, unless someone catches me watching Impact.)

I own a lot of wrestling. I watch a lot of wrestling, whether it be on DVDs, on TV shows or by attending live events.

Recently, on one of the message boards I frequent, an acquaintance started a Wrestling Watching Thread with the query “How much wrestling can I actually watch?”

Anyhoo, this guy has decided to list, or attempt to list, every wrestling match he watches this year.

What a nutjob.

Sounds good to me, so I’m following suit both there, and here. I’ll keeep a running tally of the matches I watch, and throw in a comment or two when warranted.

Given that I got somewhere around 50 discs’ worth for Christmas and birrthday from various sources (including one Happy Birthday To Me from yers truly), there’s certainly plenty of material.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

And yes, I’m still married, believe it or not.


1. Triple H vs. John Morrison, Tables Match, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/12)
2. Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/12) (LOVED this match. Didn’t hurt that it had two of my favorites one on one)
3. Triple H vs. Miz & Chavo, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/12)
4. WWE Tag Titles-Carlito & Primo vs. Kendrick & Ezekiel, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/13)
5. Triple H vs. Big Show, Last Man Standing, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/13)
6. Billy White Cloud vs. Curt Hennig, Portland 5/8/82 (1/13) (Hennig looks like John C. Reilly’s character from Boogie Nights. I got an unedited copy of three Portland TV shows for a birthday present.)
7. Mike Miller vs. Rocky Johnson, Portland 5/8/82 (1/13)
8. 2 Out of 3 Falls-Dizzy Hogan, Rip Oliver & Matt Borne vs. Hacksaw Brett Sawyer & Andre the Giant, Portland 5/8/82 (1/13)
I think the most amusing thing I’ve watched so far is when Andre issued a challenge for a six-man tag match at the end of that Portland episode. Then, Rocky Johnson essentially had to translate what Andre said with an oh so smooth, “I think what he’s saying is…” segue.
9. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. The Miz, Raw 1/12 (1/13)
10. Intercontinental Title-William Regal vs. CM Punk, Raw 1/12 (1/13)
11. Randy Orton vs. Kane, Raw 1/12 (1/13)

Best match I’ve seen so far: Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin

Look for more updates as this little adventure progresses!

2 thoughts on “The 2009 Wrestling Project

  1. I guess that is Brutus. He didn’t do much in the match, though. But with the one-camera shot they were using, I don’t think even his mama would have recognized him.

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