Led Zeppelin ticket prices

IF a Led Zeppelin reunion tour of North America were to happen, what is your go/no-go price point? Bruce and I talked about this once during summer 2008, and I seem to recall we both had $300 in mind.

Now, understand please that this conversation was imagining a Plant/Page/Jones/Bonham Led Zeppelin (ie, the closest thing that could occur to an actual reunion), not some hybrid bastard quasi-Zep. My prices fall off pretty sharply for anything else.

Page/Plant and two other dudes: $75. (I saw the Page/Plant tour in New Orleans. Had a Working Crew pass so got to wander a little. Was a spectacular show with that young drummer from Little Angels playing … but it wasn’t Led Zeppelin.)

Any combination without Robert Plant: $25. (I’d like to hear live versions of those songs, but I’ve already seen Jimmy play them once, and can hear pretty fine versions at most north Houston bars on a weekend, so what would the point be really?)

Listen carefully Peter Mensch.

3 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin ticket prices

  1. No Plant no go.

    You can’t replace Plant in Zep. If you do it ain’t Zep.

    I was lucky enough to sit front row on the “Now and Zen” tour. Plant was still, to paraphrase “Almost Famous,” a golden Greek god.

    If they want my cash they work it out.

    If not? Well, there’s always “The Song Remains the Same.”

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