FOX News: Sun rotates around earth!

In the run-up to Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s announcements today, Captain Plastic (aka Shepard Smith) from FOX News asserted repeatedly that the sun orbits the earth. “You see, the sun orbits the earth every 24 hours, because of that there are 60 seconds in a minute. I’m not sure how often whatever star orbits Planet Blago does so, but it’s obviously at a different rate.”24_61_320_shep_smith_2007

Dude was commenting on Blago’s tardiness for his latest (self-scheduled) media prank and I was willing to let him off the hook, but then he just kept doing it. At least six more times, just in the 15 minutes I was in the break room.

Needless to say, calling someone a loon while acting like one weakens one’s position just a little bit. Then again, this dude’s made it so clear he knows so much I’m sure he just plowed right through all the producers screaming in his ear. Heck he was even doing on-screen production at the same time.

What a clown.

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