Magical Mat-stery Tour: The latest

I knew I’d been watching a lot of the divine comedy that is professional wrestling as of late when the wife said, “More wrestling? Seriously?”

Perhaps I was too bold trying to keep track of EVERY match I watch this year.

Too late to stop now.

The latest, after the jump.



1. Triple H vs. John Morrison, Tables Match, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/12)
2. Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/12) (LOVED this match. Didn’t hurt that it had two of my favorites one on one)
3. Triple H vs. Miz & Chavo, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/12)
4. WWE Tag Titles-Carlito & Primo vs. Kendrick & Ezekiel, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/13)
5. Triple H vs. Big Show, Last Man Standing, Smackdown! 1/9 episode (1/13)
6. Billy White Cloud vs. Curt Hennig, Portland 5/8/82 (1/13) (Hennig looks like John C. Reilly’s character from Boogie Nights. I got an unedited copy of three Portland TV shows for a birthday present.)
7. Mike Miller vs. Rocky Johnson, Portland 5/8/82 (1/13)
8. 2 Out of 3 Falls-Dizzy Hogan, Rip Oliver & Matt Borne vs. Hacksaw Brett Sawyer & Andre the Giant, Portland 5/8/82 (1/13)
I think the most amusing thing I’ve watched so far is when Andre issued a challenge for a six-man tag match at the end of that Portland episode. Then, Rocky Johnson essentially had to translate what Andre said with an oh-so-smooth, “I think what he’s saying is…” segue.
9. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. The Miz, Raw 1/12 (1/13)
10. Intercontinental Title-William Regal vs. CM Punk, Raw 1/12 (1/13)
11. Randy Orton vs. Kane, Raw 1/12 (1/13)
12. Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena, Raw 1/12 (1/15)
13. Necro Butcher vs. Abdullah the Butcher, IWA-EC 11/5/04 (1/15)
14. Don Fuji vs. Susumu Yokosuka, Dragon Gate Osaka Special 11/23/06 (1/16; completed 1/18) (PHENOMENAL match. Enjoyed the psychology, as well as some very creative offense working down specific body parts, like Susumu slamming Fuji down on his knees repeatedly, including once off the top rope.)
15. Sting vs. Hernandez, Impact 1/15 (1/17)
16. Junk Yard Dog & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne, Mid-South 2/16/83 (1/19)
17. Steel Cage Match, Magnum TA & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Butch Reed & Jim Neidhart, Mid-South, 12/25/83 (1/19)
18. Magnum TA & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Midnight Express, Mid-South, 2/10/84 (1/19) (II is so fluid in the ring. Both these matches were Southern tag team style at its finest)
19. Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher, Japan 4/10/81 (1/19)
20. Amazing Red, SAT & Divine Storm vs. Special K, ROH Scramble Madness, 11/16/02 (1/19) (A highly entertaining spotfest. Held up well over the years.)
21. Finlay & Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger, Smackdown 1/16 (1/19)
22. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chris Jericho, Souled Out 98 (1/19)
23. Over The Top Challenge, Raw 1/19 (1/20)
24. Intercontinental Title-CM Punk vs. William Regal, Raw 1/19 (1/20)
25. Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin, Smackdown 1/23 (1/24) (I liked their first match better. Had more actual wrestling, less punch-kicky “WWE style”)
26. Shelley vs. Sabin vs. Dutt vs. Bashir, Impact 1/22 (1/24)
27. Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico, ROH Race To The Top Finals, 7/28/07 (1/25)
28. ECW Title-Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy, 2009 Royal Rumble (1/25)
29. WWE Women’s Title-Beth Phoenix vs. Melina, 2009 Royal Rumble (1/25)
30. WWE Title-John Cena vs. JBL, 2009 Royal Rumble (1/25)
31. World Title-Jeff Hardy vs. Edge, 2009 Royal Rumble (1/25)
32. Royal Rumble Match, 2009 Royal Rumble (1/25) (A very fun battle royal. Made even better by watching with 14 of my pals. Pay-per-views are just better in a group setting.)


Total Days Watching Wrestling In 2009: 10
Longest Streak Of Days Watching: 6
Current Streak: 1
Best Match: #16, Don Fuji vs. Susumu Yokosuka, Dragon Gate 11/23/06

Claudio vs. Generico and the Rumble were good stuff, but the Dragon Gate title match still stands out as numero uno for me.

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