Raw Thoughts – 2/9/09

from Raw - 2/9/09
from Raw - 2/9/09


Wrestlemania XXV is less than 2 months away.  With the show being right in GonzoGeek’s backyard, expect our coverage to ramp up in the coming weeks.

For instance, this past Monday I had a chance to watch Raw in its entirety for the first time in I don’t remember how long.  Thought I’d better start familiarizing myself with the status quo as we head into the mother of all events.

Here are my thoughts…

 The show opened strongly with the return of Ric Flair followed quickly by a confrontation between Flair and Chris Jericho.  Jericho was in top form.  He berated Flair and called him everything but a man, let alone “the man.”  The confrontation ended with Flair popping Jericho in the jaw and Jericho heading for the back.
We got multiple replays of Randy Orton’s clash with the McMahon siblings last week.
We got a too short rematch between CM Punk and William Regal for the Intercontinental Title.
Nobody gets under that bottom rope quite like Melina.
There was a diva match that ended with a pretty brutal looking bump for Melina.
And there was a really entertaining 6-man match with the participants in this weekend’s Elimination Chamber at “No Way Out.”
Shane McMahon hit a scary VanDaminator on Ted Dibiase, Jr.
What did it all mean?
I think Stephanie McMahon’s mystery phonecaller was Triple H and we’ll end up seeing Orton/Triple H at Wrestlemania as Triple H is finally outed as a McMahon family member and he comes on to defend the family name.
I think it will be John Cena and Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania.  I could even see Jericho pulling out a win this weekend at No Way Out to set it up.  Cena will have Flair and Mickey Rourke in his corner.  This gives the WWE its biggest chance at main stream media coverage for WM25.  Cena is a B list action hero and Jericho is a real presence on television.  Using them to jack up the buy rate makes sense to me.
Mike Knox needs more of a gimmick than a shaggy beard.  Please buy this guy some new ring gear.
Glad they put Cody Rhodes in black ring gear to match the rest of the Legacy faction.
Does anyone really think JBL is going to get ownership of the HBK gimmick?  Then again, it would be supremely funny to see him trot out to the music the night after No Way Out.  I’m just saying.
CM Punk and William Regal deserve better.
As good as that 6-man match was, does anyone really think that Mike Knox, Kofi Kingston, Kane or Rey Misterio have a chance of winning this weekend?
It made me sad to see a balding Ric Flair sweating buckets with his makeup running down his face.  Go home Ric.  Please.
Chris Jericho is about as close to classic Ric Flair as it gets these days.

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