What the F**k, Rob?

Bah! Hulk no bathe with laundry!  Now Hulk purple, too!
Bah! Hulk no bathe with laundry! Now Hulk purple, too!


What the fuck, Rob?  Was Dale Keown’s Pitt too far removed from the original source material?  Are you in that big of a hurry to get sued…


I’ll be upfront, in case it isn’t apparent,  I’m not a Liefeld fan.  Never have been.   Those tiny little ankles, the shoulder pads, the glowing eyes (when his characters have eyes), the bad anatomy, bad perspective, inattention to detail.


You know, his “style”.

The guy shouldn’t be drawing breath, let alone comics.  How he gets paid for creating something like Smash, is beyond me.  Maybe he doesn’t.  Maybe the money goes straight to Image’s attorneys.  Retainer for the impending copyright infringement suit.

Putting this book out is like painting a target on your house for the Marvel legal department.  That way it’ll be so much easier for them come over and haul away all your shit.

Dear Manny.

There’s inspiration, homage, and plagiarism. Look at the picture above and the one below and tell me which of the three this is.

Liefeld needs to go back to doing what he does best: cocaine.

‘Nuff said.

Hulk smash!  or  Hulk/Smash
Hulk smash! or Hulk/Smash

2 thoughts on “What the F**k, Rob?

  1. Here, here!

    I can’t believe no one over at Images pulls Liefeld aside and says, “Ah….no Rob. You can’t do it.’

  2. Christ, why are they doing this? after that embarrassing Rulk now a Pulk? please stop this, stop raping my beloved Hulk

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