Booking Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 25

Save us.
Save us.




And I like you. I’ll tell you why. You said what was on your mind and then you had the guts to come in the ring and back it up. – Roddy Piper to Chris Jericho Monday Night Raw, 2/16/09

Ever since Mickey Rourke called out Chris Jericho on the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards, speculation has run rampant regarding what, if anything, Rourke’s role at Wrestlemania 25 would be.

Would he get in the ring with Jericho?

Would he merely be in attendance?

Would he appear as his character from “The Wrestler?”

Shortly after saying he would wrestle, Rouke backed off that statement.  Most thought it was because his handlers, probably rightfully so, thought it would damage his chances to at winning an Oscar (the Norbit syndrome.)

In the interim, Chris Jericho has begun a hate campaign against the Legends of wrestling.  In successive weeks, Jericho has had confrontations with Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat.

Meanwhile, the Oscars have come and gone and Rourke did not win.

Where does that leave us?

Many think it will lead to a Chris Jericho/Steve Austin confrontation and/or match at Wrestlemania.  But reports are that Austin is extremely fragile and his neck won’t take much abuse.

So what then?

I have an idea.

I have an idea that is simple and sure to be, if not a classic, then at least an enduring Wrestlemania moment.

My idea?

Two words.


Put Rourke in the ring with Jericho and then line the outside of the ring with the Legends that Jericho has been disparaging.  Let the wrestlers do the heavy lifting for Rouke and you still get the mainstream publicity out of the angle.

You’ll have the 2009 Hall of Fame class in town.  Put the Funks, Steamboat and Kevin Von Erich out there.  Flair is inducting Steamboat.  Dusty Rhodes is inducting the Funks.  Put them out there.  Roddy Piper will surely throw in.  Michael Hayes is a legend in Texas.  Put him ringside in a Badstreet t-shirt.

Jericho has to fight off a dozen guys on the outside while Rourke basks in the spotlight.  End it with a Stunner and the crowd will go wild.

I don’t know what the WWE’s plan is, but that’s what I’d do if I were booking it.

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