Wrestlemania 25 is upon us!

Its been a while loyal reader(s).

Sorry for the absence, but sometimes real life interferes with the fun that is GonzoGeek.

However, we’re going to make up for our inactivity in spades this weekend.


It’s Wrestlemania weekend (or Wrestlepalooza as John keeps calling it) and the big event is being held right around the corner from the home office.

What does that mean to you?

It means full coverage of not only Wrestlemania, but also of a host of other rasslin’ related events this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to Booker T’s FanFest.  I’ve got some photo ops with some legends and I’m hoping to run into friend of GonzoGeek, Daffney.

Stephe hits town on Saturday and we’re heading out to the Ring of Honor pay-per-view.  Its a first for both Stephe and I, but we’ve been assured by John tha we’ll dig it.

Following ROH, we’re heading for Axxess.  Again, we’ll be covering it in our own GonzoGeeky style.  We’ll have lots of pictures and maybe even some video when we return.

Then Sunday its the big one.  Wrestlemania 25 at Reliant Stadium.  Its supposed to be a really nice day so maybe they’ll open the roof.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Stay tuned dear reader(s)…we’re back.

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