Wrestlemania Weekend – The Booker T. Legends of Wrestling FanFest

Welcome to the show
Welcome to the show

Coverage of GonzoGeek’s Wrestlemania weekend begins right here loyal reader(s).

Friday brought us the first ever Booker T. Legends of Wrestling Fan Fest.  Since Stephe wasn’t due in until Saturday, I took this one in by myself.  I drove downtown and parked with no problem.  Then I walked to the GRB.  What I found most amusing during my stroll was the occupants of the Convention Center.  First, the Texas Library Association was having a convention.  In the next hall it was the Gun Show.  Finally, it was Booker T and Ring of Honor.  Diversity?

Stood in line, picked up my tickets and went inside.  I was greeted with the picture above.  Pretty slim pickings.

There was one line of tables on the left side of the hall and another row of vendors on the right.  Otherwise there was a lot of empty space.  This surprised me.  I thought for sure Booker would put up a ring and give some of his students some time.  Guess I was wrong.

I had four photo ops in the first session.  I got in line and took my pictures.  Enjoy.

The D is for distracted
The "D" is for distracted
Amy Lita Dumas
Amy "Lita" Dumas


Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash
Stan The Lariat Hansen
Stan "The Lariat" Hansen
 That took all of about 20 minutes.  The second session didn’t start for another 3 hours.  That allowed me a change to reflect on my experience so far.
  1. The Dudley/3-D Boys were clearly miffed about the experience.  They signed whatever was put in front of them and posed for pictures, but as you can see above, they couldn’t really be bothered to pay attention.
  2. Ernest Miller was in the line, but wasn’t signing much.  I think his 15 minutes of fame from “The Wrestler” are over.
  3. (Ri)Kishi still looks the same.
  4. Lita was a bit distracted too.  She was trying to push her new punk band, with little success.  It became occurred to me that there are going to be a LOT of goth chicks with tattoos who really regret those sleeves of skulls and “Hello Kitties” in their 40s.
  5. Kevin Nash was cordial and chatty.  Of course, he did show up with his right arm in a bandage.  Just like Nash to show up to a signing event with an injury in place.  I’m kidding.  He apparently has a pretty serious infection in his elbow.  We joked about the gray in our beards and I moved on.
  6. Stan Hansen was very quiet.  Quite a change from his persona.  I was also really struck by how much he looks like Kurt Russell.

I had some more time to kill so I wandered the floor and took a few random pictures…

Stan Hansens shoe
Stan Hansen's shoe

Who knew Stan Hansen wore New Balance?

I blame Russell Brand
I blame Russell Brand
Ultimo Mistake-o
Ultimo Mistake-o
No, hes not famous.
No, he's not famous.

Somewhere in here I chatted briefly with Daffney.  She remembered me from Wizard World – Texas and our interview.  Actually, she recognized my shirt first, but she gave me a hug and then went back to moving merch.  A girl’s got to eat.

Tully Blanchard showed up about then for his signing at the Highspots booth.  I was one of the first ones in line and got a picture with one of the original Four Horsemen.  For an old wrestling geek like me, that was pretty damned cool.

Yeah, I held up 4 fingers
Yeah, I held up 4 fingers

I took a few minutes and got my order from Highspots.  I picked up a spiffy new Santo mask and a great Dr. Wagner t-shirt.  You’ll see more of them later.

Some more walking around and picture taking.

Jeff?  Hardly.
Jeff? Hardly.

Sorry kid, those aren’t gonna make you Jeff Hardy any more than the mask is going to make you Jushin Liger.


This woman and her date/boyfriend/husband/dude had on matching “vintage” jackets.  Hers had the Ultimate Warrior and his was Sting.  Who knew there were that many Blade Runner fans out there.  (too obsure?)

Missy Hyatt
Missy Hyatt

No, Missy wasn’t doing any of the things you think she was when she made that face.

Finally it was time to line up for the second signing session.  I only had one picture to go.  I waited patiently in line talking with some guys from Chicago.  Once the line started moving it was only a matter of time…


That’s right!  It was Mr. “Cruel but Fair” himself…Jake Roberts.  I’ve been a fan of Jake’s since his days in Mid-South.  he was in good shape and was having fun with the fans.  It was great to see.  Once I got my picture with Jake I called it a day.

Up next…Ring of Honor!

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