Toybox Full of Blues

bluesbrosSunday afternoon, while recovering from our Mother’s Day picnic, the wife and I were sitting on the couch.  I was channel surfing and landed on “The Blues Brothers.”  Its one of my favorite movies so I stopped.

The kids were playing upstairs, but one of them walked downstairs just as the Cab Calloway was going into “Minnie the Moocher.”

“What’s that?”

“A movie.”

“Can I watch?”

Fast forwarding through the movie in my head, I decided the concert was about the ONLY part they could watch.


So he piled up on the couch and proceeded to watch.  Then Joliet Jake and Elwood took the stage.  He went bananas.

“I like this daddy.”

“Me too.”

“I want to be the fat one for Halloween.”

It does a father’s heart good.

The next day he was still talking about it.  He clearly enjoyed it.  He told me he did the dance at school with his brother.

Then he produced this.

Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love

Now I ask…how cool is that?

Here’s the song that served as the boy’s inspiration.

RIP John

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