Jack Wakes Up – the Review

jackWakesUpCover250He turns and, peering around the desk, sees Maxine holding the Columbian’s Uzis, one in each hand.

Meet Jack Palms, ex-movie star, former junkie and three years sober.

Relocated to San Francisco from Los Angeles, and working hard to put the mistakes of his past behind me, Jack meets with his former Hollywood buddy, Ralph about escorting a group of Czechs around San Francisco in order to finalize a coke deal.

Things go downhill after a wild night at The Coast, a local strip club.  Jack ends up on the wrong end of a turf war for all of the drug trade in the Bay Area.

All the time, he’s got the cops on his back and a small measure of fleeting fame from his starring role in Shake It Down.

This is a fun ride, and I’m not talking about Jack’s cherry Fastback.

No matter what happens, Jack keeps the wheels turning, trying to find out who is behind it all.  His biggest problem?  For the first time in three years, Jack feels alive and he’s starting to enjoy himself again.

Harwood writes some quality pulp. 

The dialogue crackles.  The action moves.  The plot moves along quickly just like it should.

Some of the characters might have come across as stock written by a lesser talent, but even the black drug dealer, Junius, pops off the page.

Harwood is a promising talent and I look forward to the further adventures of Jack Palms.  He’s done some more stories and they are available at his website.

4 thoughts on “Jack Wakes Up – the Review

  1. Indeed, I’ve listened to all three books currently in the Jack Palms series and each book just keeps getting better. If you want an action packed, fast paced book that won’t put you to sleep at night, then Czech it out!!!!

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