The Hangover – the Review

There has to be a morning after
There has to be a morning after
We’re not gonna leave a baby in the room. There’s a tiger in the bathroom!
I’ve been looking forward to this one.  I love a good raunchy comedy and this is one of the best to come along in a long time.
From the director and producer of Old School comes the story of three friends and a soon-to-be-brother-in-law on an overnight bachelor party to Las Vegas.
Here’s the rub, after a drug buy yields the wrong goods, none of the boys remember anything.  Worse yet, they have lost the groom.
That’s when the fun begins.
Watching this trio work through their lost time is hysterical.  I can’t say much about the hijinx, because that would be telling.  Suffice it to say that it involves Mike Tyson, a tiger, a baby, a fey Asian gangster, Heather Graham and the guy that mixed up the drugs in the first place.
Bradley Cooper shines in this one.  Best known for playing the asshole boyfriend in Wedding Crashers, Cooper takes a star turn as Phil, the elementary school teacher who is scamming his students for Vegas money.  Phil is the married guy who can’t tell the groom he’s making a mistake often enough.
Ed Helms, Andy “Nard Dog” Bernard of Office fame, really stands out as Stu, the cuckolded dentist who is the heart of this crew.  He announces his plans to propose to his shrew girlfriend, only to have those plans slammed on the rocks of the lost night.  I expect Helms may get more screen time next year on The Office as a result of this movie.
Zack Galifianakis plays Alan, the groom’s soon to be brother-in-law, and the groups resident creepy guy.  While waiting for Phil to exit the elementary school where he works, Alan nervously announces that he shouldn’t be that close to a school…or a Chuck E. Cheese.  Creepy, but funny.
The movie works on all levels.  Its fun.  Its funny.  Its smart.
Do yourself a favor and go see it before your co-worker spoils the surprises for you.

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