Did Michael Jackson fake his own death?

E_MichaelJacksonFor as long as I’ve known him Stephe has been very big on conspiracy theories.  The internet was like the Holy Grail for him in that regard.  He plugged into all kinds of conspiracy theory websites and groups.  He gets emails with theories so convoluted they make my head spin.

So, it came as no surprise today when he forwarded part of an email regardin the death o Michael Jackson and the theory that he faked his own death.  What did surprise me how plausible this one was.

See for yourself.  The email read…

He married Lisa Marie so that he could find out how Elvis faked his death.

He then hired a guy to be him for a while, bought him all the plastic surgery in the world so we’d forget what the real Michael looked like. Then he takes out a monster insurance policy on himself and his new tour, ‘dies’, and his kids get the money stuck in a trust that he controls.

The real Michael shows up in a couple of years as a Michael Jackson impersonator in “I Want You Back – a Triibute to Michael Jackson the Early Years” and lives out his days comfortably in a remote mountainside mansion he shares with Elvis, Tupac and Andy Kaufman.

That’s just crazy enough to be true.

PS:  Couple more notes I’ve gotten in the last couple of days.  Enjoy – Stephe.

Celebrity deaths always occur in threes.  David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Faucet.  Michael is the odd man out.  Literally.

Okay…obviously this was sent before the passing of Billy Mays.  If one more celebrity dies, Michael’s death is real.  If two pass, it’s fake.

****This just in, Gale Storm and Fred Travelena died yesterday.  That’s two.  We’re back to fake.

…as a fan of animation, Michael would have known that June 25 (the day he supposedly died) was also the release date of the WB cartoon ‘Long-Haired Hare’.  This is significant because the cartoon pitted the pop playing Bugs (Michael) against a classically trained (establishment) opera singer.  It is also one of the few WB cartoon where Bugs is shown not wearing gloves, and specifically, not his left glove!

Mmmm.  Seems stretchy.  But, if Michael is to be found, it will be on “A Rainy Night in Rio’.

And finally…

Being an attorney, I can tell you the probate process, with as many debtors as there are, could be a nightmare.  However, since Michael ‘died’ with children to take care of, popular sentiment on his side, and a very connected circle of friends, it is likely that the creditors will be forced to settle their debts for mere pennies on the dollar.  Additionally, I believe, they’ll be pressured to release the estate from any future claims.  At that time Michael’s free to begin releasing the ‘lost recordings’ he’s hinted at.  Big companies do stuff like this all the time.  Ken Lay, from Enron…not really dead.

Ain’t the internet grand.

PPS.  Chris below asks how Michael faked his death when it was so public and there was clearly a body.  Good point.

In response, allow me to enter this e-mail into the record…

So I’m watching CNN last night and their [sic] reporting that ‘Michael’ isn’t really the biological father of his own kids.  Well, duh, that’s because they’re not testing the real Michael Jackson.  They tested the DNA of that creepy white dude that’s been pretending to be Michael since the mid 90’s against the real MJ.  Of course it’s not going to match!

Say again…..

The revelation that Michael Jackson is not the father of his children lends further credence to the death hoax theory.  With the copious plastic surgery of the last 3 decades the man behind the surgical mask could have been just about anyone while the real Jackson watched on in Howard Hughes-like seclusion.

See.  Body Double.  How easy was that?

Of course, now the question is who…

I think the fake Micheal Jackson is/was Kennedy William Gordy (aka Rockwell).  Gordy, the son of MoTown mogul Berry Gordy achieved modest fame in the early 1980s with his only hit “Somebody’s Watching Me” which featured Jackson singing background vocals.  Gordy and Jackson were childhood friends and Gordy’s fleeting taste of fame made him an ideal candidate to replace Jackson as “Michael.”

Gordy simply disappeared from the spotlight and began his transformation under the watchful eye of Jackson.

I love it when a plan comes together.

At this point, I’m going to stop posting postscripts and just run with what I get – Stephe

It’s no secret that Rockwell doubled for Michael back in the 90’s…They had a similar sound, similar build.  What’s amazing is that they kept it going all these years.   Sure drugs helped, as evidenced by the large number of prescription pills they’ve been pulling out of his house, but still.  I can’t help but wonder if this is tied into Jermaine’s marriage to Barry Gordy’s daughter.

For those keeping score at home.  That is now 2 votes for Rockwel

7-1-09:  Someone’s spent too much time alone or online…or both.

I don’t see how anyone CAN’T see that he faked his own death.   One, people do it all the time:   Elvis, JFK, Steve Fosset, Walt Disney.  And two, that  family[the Jacksons] knows how to keep a secret.  Just look at Janet.  Two, maybe three secret marriages AND a secret kid.  C’mon!  How much harder would it be to hide Michael.   I’ll bet they’ve got him stashed in the Neverland catacombs, drinking Pepsi and dancing the night away.

No…I’m sorry.  This guy has spent too much time alone and online.

All this talk of MJ faking his death is way out of control.   He’s not really dead, just mostly dead.  He’s had himself frozen, like Walt Disney.  Think about it, he already owned a hyperbaric chamber, all he needs to do is substitute liquid nitrogen for oxygen and there you go.  There’s a little bit more to it, but some engineers I know said it wouldn’t take much to convert a hyperbaric chamber to a cryogenic chamber.   Plus,  MJ was asking for surgical type sedatives before he ‘died’.  I’ve looked into this stuff, you have to slow the heart down prior to freezing, and that’s the drugs they use.  My guess, he’ll be thawed out in a couple years after all the lawsuits go away.

7/9/09:  This just in…

Everyone talks about  Michael being obsessed with Elvis.  That’s only part of hte story.  Since the early 80s he was also obsessed with “Scarface” .  That’s the real reason he had to have repeated nosejobs.  He did so much cocaine that it ruined his nose.  Rumor has it he would lock himself into “Neverland” and do Tony Montana size rails of coke while quoting the movies lines to his imaginary friends.  Sources close to Jackson also say the idea for using claymation and live action in “Moonwalker” came to Jackson during a long night of coke.

He was heard to refer to Emmanuel Lewis as “my little friend” at the Grammys.  Incidentally, Tony Montana’s right hand man?  Manny which is short for Emmanuel.

The songs “Smooth Criminal” and “Man in the Mirror” were written in reference to Scarface (“are you okay Manny?)and his cocaine addiciton (“asking him to change his ways.”) respectively.

A little off the beaten path.   But I do like it.  How about this one…

At this point, I can’t see how anyone can tell me he’s dead with a straight face.   The media keeps contradicting itself.  One day he’s burried at Forest Lawn, the next Neverland.  They report he had all these diseases and addictions, yet his doctors deny everything.  The body they took to the hospital was ‘lilly white’ and bald and emaciated, yet we have a rehearsal video and Michael is clearly alive and good health.   Hell, they held a funeral for an empty casket!  I agree with some of the posters here.  Michael is clearly in hiding either in the Middle East or in Europe.  I wish him all the best and ask that he say ‘Hi’ to Elvis for me.

7-14 –   Seems everyone is picking up on the same inconsistencies: contradicting testimony, suspicious photos,  mysterious timelines.  It was sort of a relief when I got this one today.

Let me sum it up for you in one word.


MJ has been funding clone research for years.  It’s been pretty well documented that back in ‘o2 he went to a hush-hush clone clinic in Europe with one of his psychic friends, Ure Gellar [sic].   I believe it is totally safe to say that his son, Prince Michael 2, is his clone.  They’ve never produced a mother for this child, and we’ve never really seen him up close.

Because he’s a clone.

Of course, making a clone is the easy part.  Scientists do it all the time.  To make the clone useful takes some work, though.  Memory transference is fraught with dangerous side effects, as is rapid growth acceleration.   Even if you raised your own clone, without recreating the environment you grew up in, chances are he/she would be nothing like you.  So, if you’re Michael Jackson and you want to recreate your childhood, what do you do?  Make your parents raise your clone by ‘dying’ and granting them custody.

All of PMJ2’s talent will be for naught if Joe Jackson isn’t there to ruthlessly push the kid into stardom.

That’s how MJ plans to cheat the reaper.

25 thoughts on “Did Michael Jackson fake his own death?

  1. By any chance, would Freddie Mercury also be living at that mountainside mansion with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley? Just wondering?

  2. I’m not talking down to you, I just wanted to tell everyone that I am a Psychic and Michael Jackson appeared to me from the beginning and he told me that he never intended to die, he only wanted to go to sleep and so he had help in sleeping as has been written but in this case someone went too far in administering the medical help and he accidentally died from this action.

    I don’t believe anyone intentionally killed Michael but I do believe they may have practiced unwise medical decisions which led to his death.

  3. Well if you want to pretend Michael faked his own death and this is how you are dealing with what happened who am I to burst your bubble.
    The fact is Michael has appeared to me since his death and he said he did not intend to die that day he only wanted to go to sleep but the medicine given to him was too much and he died.

    Now we need to accept his death and if you want to talk to him, develop your psychic gift and become a medium and maybe he will come in and be your angel guide.

    He would not leave those beautiful children to grieve if he could come back to them so accept his death so he can go and be free in the spirit world.

    1. I can’t decide if I’m being spoken down to, or if you are sincere.

      Either way, unless I WANT to make court ordered introductions to my neighbors for the rest of my life, there’s absolutely no way I’d allow Mr. Creepy Pants Bad Touch Child Molester to become my spirit guide.

      Besides, who says we’re pretending. Michael’s on ice under Neverland just like Walt’s under Disneyland.

  4. I think if Michael is alive, i hope he makes an appearance and tells the world! And that if he has debt that his loyal fans will help him out. I wish michael was here now 😦

    1. On the Wikipedia page of Kenneth William Gordy aka Rockwell, it said there would be an album in 2010. The name of this album would be “Seriously, get these kids of my lawn” (yeah I know). But since about 2 months it was edited from his page. The guy just dissapeard in to thin air… Just google it…!

  5. ok i have some information
    michael jackson has about ten body doubles
    navi= his body double is a girl i think
    dennis= was the man who played his body double in the ambulance
    the autopsy picture was cut from the pepsi commercial hospital picture and said that it was michael jackson when he got burned off his head and used that picture for his june 25th 2009 picture so there was no one possibly who could get a autopsy picture of him michael jackson faked his death he is alive just search on google and bam you will get anything and that is the truth michael jackson is alive

  6. Michael Jackson has indeed died but he is very much alive in spirit and has visited me and other psychics to tell us this.
    From the Spirit World he said he went to sleep and didn’t wake up.
    The will find he died of an overdose of drugs but they were not illegal drugs but perhaps unwisely prescribed drugs and they were never meant to kill michael.

  7. not only that but the nurse told the news he would never inject himself with a needle he was afraid of needles and pain and here is the point if he was injected as they say with demoral a half hour before he died then who injected him the doctor says he did not inject him with anything yet the family even said he got an injection at 11:30 that morning it is all not clear all stories do not match up one minute the doctor is by his side in the hospital the next he was not by him he fled from the seen then the doctor is missing and this brain thing does not make sense either how can you tell if he was beaten by testing his brain can’t you tell if it was even him …. another thing michael went to a human cloning place in 2002 with uri geller and was so excited to have a mini him and clone michael joseph jackson so he could live on he did not want to die now think hard the third child was born in 2002 but his birth dates were not clear katherine jackson did not even know his birthdate here it is you would think he would name the oldest not knowing he would have another son prince michael joseph but no the third chaild born in 2002 is it michaels clone he looks just like him his name is prince michael JOSEPH jackson II wow it was 1977 when elvis died we did not have the answer to all the technoligy we have today michael did not think of that i love you michael i know you are out there god bless you
    peace tara

  8. No one in the media has ever seen a body….the picture (of the ambulance ride) is said to have only been a wax figure….
    It has also been said “…..and no statement was ever made about the authenticity of ‘who’ was actually at the coroners. Michael could have befriended any of the terminally ill patients (who were also fans) that he helped – and they easily could have offered to help him as well, in their last days, just as many others have offered him help in every imaginable way…. ” (the people of Bahrain?)

    I grew up in CA and watched Michael Jackson grow up – and grow to be the biggest celebrity of all time.
    If you go back to interviews when MJ was in his 20’s – he actually talks many times about creating illusions and how much he liked to surprise people and how he wanted to leave the country (as one ex.-see the interview with Diane Sawyer, with Lisa Marie Presley and MJ)one day to find peace and solitude…he actually talked about this all the time in interviews…if you want to see it for yourself, leave a message and I will gather the links and post them, so people can hear and see it straight from Michael Jackson. He was gathering furnishings over the last few yrs and had already spent time overseas in both the middle east and in Europe, living -and looking/purchasing at least two estates.
    Michael also very openly talked about how he loved the idea of disguising himself so he could live life normally….and experience things as others do in the world.
    Have you heard the 911 call that was released the next day? The media claimed no one knew who made the call…..don’t you think they would dig deeper to find out? The caller also said no one else was there except for the Dr., although later, his bother claimed to have been there. The number of discrepancies is incredible. In one interview when
    La Toya is driving up to the house, she tells the reporter that “…Michael really appreciates all the support too…” Then, in a phone interview with Quincy Jones, he says “ I am really sad that Michael had to leave / left us”…
    One video clip shows his mother coming back from his house in a car, and she has no sad emotion at all….do you really think she would be that way?
    There are so many clues to all of this, if you simply research -beyond the media hype –(they know NOTHING.)
    He loves his fans, BUT, he loves life and his children even more, and unless something very drastic took place, he could see the life and pressure that lay ahead for them (his children) – he was pushed into an extreme situation with no relief in sight. It called for extreme measures.
    No one has ever walked in his shoes to know how it was to be almost ‘hunted and stalked’ 24 hours a day…
    Out of all the people in the world, MJ had both the most intelligence and THE most valid reason to do something like this. He wanted to live, he wanted his children to live, and the world was robbing him of this.
    His fans would and will stick by him.

  9. i kind of had a feelin he didnt really die………. all ofthis makes since i mean think about it the marraige t elvis presleys daughter the all lead up to somthing wow this makes me wonder but how do u know kenneth willaims took michaels place …..so did he give up his life…is he the fake michael …..plz answer these questions i am very interested

  10. well that does sound VERY convincing because..in the last few months Michael Jackson doesn’t look at all like himself..so maybe he did hire someone…^^ I hope that if this is true he realises hes really hurt his fans and comes back saying he will do a concert for free to show how sorry he really is.. ^^

  11. Okay, the above is way long and I considered editing it down for size, but figured what the hell.

    How did he fool LA Coroner, Police etc. etc?

    Two words: Body Double.

    Someone sent me a great one in that regard last night. I’ll clean it up (grammar and spelling) and post it to the original later this morning.

    As for reappearing in public, why? Elvis has kept a pretty low profile for 30 years.

    1. [Stephe’s Notes: I had to add some punctuation to this post. It was driving me nuts. Hope I got periods and such in the right places.]

      how do we even know if his body had an autopsy?
      how do we even know if they were not paid off?
      and now they want a third autopsy? nice way to drag it out.

      the michael who went to the lodon confrence was an imposter. we found this out. i will send you a sight that will amaze you on how much info they have so far now. i have been looking into this too and it is almost aspit image of elvis’s death. also all the stories are changing and did you know elvis had a son. hmm, makes you wonder. and he was born in 78, and he died in 77. but here it is, elvis signed the birth certificate in 78. a specailist comfirmed the hand writing here is that site

  12. Hi everyone! I have been trying to search for answers and glues regarding Michael Jackson death, well first of all it’s kind of hard to believe that he would fake his death knowing that all the major and local news media are talking about his death, and even the BET awards are acknowledging his death and as well as his little sister Janet Jackson and family. And even if he did fake his death, how would he be able to fool the L.A County coroner, the L.A police homicide department and UCLA Medical Center, they would all had to witness the body of Michael Jackson to see any foulplay, wright? So, the L.A. coroner agency would had to have a real body to announce Michaels death, wright? If he did faked his death how would he have done it, was he powerful enough, even more powerful then the president of the United States to pull off such a prank or did he have enough money to payoff everyone to keep his fake death a secrete. If he was able to fake his death without getting caught, this would probably be the biggest scandal ever done in the United States history, this would make former president Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal look like a playground. And if Michael would ever apear again saying it was all a hoax just to make himself look more famous or for other reasons, then the L.A county coroner, the L.A. homicide police department and the UCLA Medical Center would all have a whole lot of explaining to do to the FBI and too the whole world and Michael Jackson once again getting into trouble with the law and adding more bizarre to his life style. All of us know how much influece Michael had on all of us, he had an incredible influence to the whole world and no one thought he would ever die so soon, but we must remember he was only human, flesh and blood and with a whole lot of problems and a half billion dollar in dept. Even evidence shows that the king of pop was taking anti-depressant drugs for his emotional stress and painkillers when he had injured himself from falling in one of his rehersals. I would like to believe he was still alive because he had a lot of influence in my life when I was growing up and now that his gone, it’s truly hard to believe that he has past on. But we must go own with our lives, which I believe Michael would like for all of us to do instead of mourning of his death, he would rather want us to be uplifting and continue remembering him for the positive things he has don and continue on with his legacy forever. Just remember Michael, when I look up in the sky at night and see a star in heaven, that star will be a remembrance of you, thanks Michael for your inspiration and music that you brought in our lives, we will miss you very much, rest in peace and may God be with you, and maybe someday when we all go to heaven we will once again see you perform in heaven with Elvis Presely, James Brown and Frank Sinatra singing along beside you, and Jesus Christ being the host and his Angels playing the orchestra in heaven, that would be the ultimate concert ever.

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