Genre-Hopping and Hello

Hello everyone. My name is RJ and I watch too many movies.

Thanks to Bruce for inviting me to GonzoGeek, and I look forward to joining readers in a genre-hopping journey through films classic, infamous, and obscure. I’m a librarian, film lover, husband and father of two.¬† I live near a lake, but not on it as I am a librarian and enjoy the economic benefits the job entails.

For our genre-hopping experiment we’ll be discovering films streaming on the internet–legal of course–and old VHS gems stored in my garage that I need to get rid of. We’ll visit the neighborhood video store and make heavy use of a certain hard to hate direct mail service with a giant catalog of titles. We’ll survey everything from musicals to exploiation; from¬† Berkeley, Busby to Kauffman, Lloyd.

New additions to Genre-Hopping will be erratic, but hopefully not infrequent.

If you want to follow along, our first excursion will be the weird 80s made for children fantasy and Canadian import “The Peanut Butter Solution.” This is a movie, like “Time Bandits,” that if seen at an early enough age is more likely to be remembered as a nightmare than film. It’s also further proof of the axiom “Canadians don’t make happy movies.” (See also: “Last Night.”)

Thanks, Bruce and hello again to GonzoGeek readers.

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