Jesse Ventura to host Conspriracy Theory television show

Shine on your crazy diamond!
Shine on your crazy diamond!

The Associated Press is reporting that former professional wrestler/Minnesota governor, Jesse “the Body” Ventura will host a program on TruTv (formerly Court TV) in fall 2009.

The best part?

It will be about CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!!

That’s right, Ventura will get a national forum to discuss and espouse his views on our national fascination with conspiracy theories.

I’m going home to set my DVR tonight.  This is must see TV of the trainwreck variety.
Curious to see what Jesse might discuss?

How about we take a look at a recent appearance on Larry King Live for a preview.

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  1. My God! I think I’m in love with Jesse Ventura! He’s right on the money about so many things: the War on Drugs, Cheney, Limbaugh, Powell, Bush, Cuba… And he’s got a show coming out on conspiracy theories?! If I still had a TV I’d watch it… better believe it!

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