Bellhedz: Taco Bell Goes All Urban-y Up In There

A toy that you cannot refuse

Urban Vinyl.  Designer Vinyl. Art Toys.

Whatever they’re called anymore, I love ‘em.

Didn’t always.  They grew on me.  Kind of a spillover from my admiration for graffiti.  Not the guys who write ‘Suck It!’ on a wall.  They’re pinheads.  I’m a fan of the guys doing full-blown kick-ass I dare you to paint over these murals in the urban-hip hop-skate punk blenderized style.

That shit is wicked cool.

And so are the vinyl toys.

This is how I feel today.

I have a couple of pieces.  I don’t have all that I want.  Not enough space and I’m smart enough to know I won’t be allowed to display the SLM ‘Finger’ (above).   But I have enough to get me by.

Kidrobot is a pretty big player in the industry.  They do some very cool pieces.  I have one of their mascots sitting over my shoulder at work.  He wears a hood and carries a scythe.  Sends a message.

Die, Mother F***er, Die!
Die, Mother F***er, Die!

I think one of their biggest contributions to the world of vinyl is the blind box mini-figures.  .  Seven bucks buys you a windowless box.  Maybe you get a common figure.  Maybe you get a rare.  It’s Vinyl Roulette.

fig. 1: Kidrobot - Often imitated, never duplicated

They say imitation is flattery most sincere. Yeah. Maybe. There are a lot of companies riffin’ on Kidrobot’s Munny/Dunny platform. Some are cool. Some not so much.

But this one takes a cake.


Bellhedz: No...mmm. I came up with these all by myself. See, they're penises.

Blind box mini figs that you get with your kids meal at Taco Bell.

Who knew Taco Bell had kidzmealz?

Now look a little closer.  Beyond the plagiarism .  Look at the figures themselves.

What do they look like to you?

I know what I see.  But I am a pervert.


Blind box mini dicks that you get with your kids meal at Taco Bell.

I hope they don’t come with ‘sauce’.


One thought on “Bellhedz: Taco Bell Goes All Urban-y Up In There

  1. I picked up one these last week. Two things.

    One: They’re cheap, cheap, cheap! Not surprising considering they are Happy Meal toys.

    Two: The look much more like boobs than penises.

    mmmmm… I hear ‘Custom’?

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