The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights Episode 1

I’ll just go on record here and now – I’m a UFC newbie.  I’ve only seen one pay-per-view in its entirety.  I’ve watched some of the programming on SPIKE.  I’ve seen some Pride.  I’ve watched a bit of WEC.  I saw the IFL guys when they were at Wizard World.

I’m a very low level martial arts student so I’ve begun to watch mainly to see the guys who really know what they are doing execute the moves I’m trying to learn.

So, with that said, I thought I’d give TUF – Heavyweights a shot.  Why not?  With the addition of the controversial Kimbo Slice to the mix, watching the big guys work each other over should be a lot of fun.

It was.

Kimbo might have been the story going into the first episode.  He wasn’t when it was over.

The Ulimate Fighter might be the purest iteration of the reality show to ever hit television.  These guys are fighting, literally rather than figuratively, for a contract for the right to…FIGHT SOME MORE.

Scores aren’t settled in front of a confessional camera or at a tribal council.  Nope.  Beefs here get settled inside the Octagon.


TUF – Heavyweights began with the introduction of our team coaches, Rampage Jackson and Rashad Jones.  Then the fighters enter the gym.  They get a look by the captains and teams are chosen.  Then Rampage, because he got second pick in the draft chooses the first fight.

He picks Team Rashad’s Jon Madsen to face his own Abe Wagner.  Madsen gives up height and reach to Wagner.

It doesn’t matter.

Madsen shoots on Wagner early and then simply pounds him bloody…really bloody.  By the end of the first round, Wagner is busted open and lying in a growing pool of his own blood.  It only gets worse for Wagner from there.  Madsen shoots on Wagner in rounds 2 and 3, completely negating the height advantage and brutalizing Wagner for 15 minutes.

Madsen wins an easy decision and Wagner is eliminated.

All in all it was a strong first hour and I’ll be tuning it to see how it all shakes out.

How long can they keep Kimbo out of the ring?  Once he’s in will he be able to mount any kind of ground game?  Tune in Wednesday nights at 9 PM CST to find out.

For more knowledgeable MMA news, try Around the Octagon.  They are GonzoGeek approved.

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