Friday LinkFrogging

This week we’re adding a new feature to GonzoGeek.  Every Friday we will lay out a list of links that all us GonzoGeeks enjoyed in the last week.

And we’ll serve it with a side of cheesecake.


A Q&A regarding Auburn football.  Thanks to Evan Woodbery.

And equal time for the Gators, courtesy of Jeremy Fowler.

Meet Sugar Dunkerton.  Gotta love a guy rocking a 70s Globetrotter gimmick.

And speaking of rocking, Living Colour is back!

John’s favorite Twitter feed.

A father is 3 is deployed to Iraq.  Follow him here.

Back to our roots.

Robin Trower from 1973.  Rock on!

And finally, Viva Los Straightjackets!

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