The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 2

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Yes, I’m a full week behind, but I’ll get caught up this weekend. 

I finally got around to watching episode 2 of the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter yesterday.  After all the trash talking between Evans and Jackson, we got a fight between Wes Shivers and James McSweeney.

Shivers is an NFL washout who made training camp with the Titans and the Falcons before getting cut by both teams.  He’s a big squareheaded dude from Mississippi.  He reminded me of a cousin of mine so I took an immediate liking to him.

McSweeney is a British kickboxer.  He has lots of tats and talks good trash.

Shivers has a considerable height and reach advantage.  Will that be enough?

Ten minutes in the Octagon should tell us.

Spoilers to follow!

Shivers started out pretty strong throwing long punches that kept McSweeney backing away.  Shievers eventually opened a cut beside McSweeney’s left eye and took him to the mat.

The problem was that Shivers ran out of gas about half way through the match.  Then he was just holding of McSweeney and throwing some long punches when he caught his breath. 

Meanwhile, McSweeney picked his spots and landed some hard kicks all up and down the length of Shivers.

Late in the second round, Shivers finally got a mount on McSweeney but was unable to completely capitalize.  McSweeney reversed but couldn’t put Shivers away.

In the end, McSweeney won with a majority decision giving Team Rashad victories two weeks in a row.

Then came the big announcement. 

Kimbo Slice fights in episode three.  He takes on Roy Nelson, the former IFL champion.  That’s a lot of tonnage in the Octagon kids.   I’ll get the review of that one up very soon!

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