Friday LinkFrogging

Well, if its Friday, then it must be time once again for your friendly neighborhood GonzoGeeks to share their favorite finds from the internet this week.

Because nobody asked, LinkFrogging, a term created by Stephe, is that activity where you follow a link off the page you were looking for and then another link and another until you find yourself in some dark scary corner of the net inhabited by Furries and vampires.

This week’s slice of cheesecake is Kate Beckinsale who was voted the “World’s Sexiest Woman” by Esqurire this month.  Its a nice change of pace from all the incessant coverage of Megan Fox, her tattoos and minimal acting skills. 

On to the links…

  1. One of the Seattle Mariners broadcast crew/regular media makes an impressive prediction.
  2. Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark who’s having a “feud” with Conan O’Brien, is a really interesting guy, as evidenced by the documentary “Street Fight” (chronicling his race to become mayor) and this follow-up article in Time Magazine.
  3. Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving, starring Juno’s Ellen Page, Dodgeball’s Justin Long and pop music god Har Mar Superstar.
  4. It looks like Ron Howard has finally beaten some sense into Michael Cera.
  5. Smart Football (the most in-depth blog we’ve seen as pertains to game strategy) breaks down how Florida’s offense looks different without Tim Tebow.
  6. College football guru, Phil Steele, picks every football bowl subdivision game in the country every week.  This link is for entertainment purposes only, of course.
  7. Is Nickelback the worst band ever?
  8. Since my team, Coconut Bangers Ball, started 0-3…
  9. Keeping with the NFL theme.
  10. I hope he has been practicing his Shaq-Fu.
  12. He should have tapped!
  13. Stay classy Miguel!
  14. Another theory on the identity of Jack the Ripper.
  15. Eric Berry “gets it” more than any star athlete John has been around.
  16. The latest from the Mayor of Parts Unknown.
  17. Just a humble little independent wrestling federation in east Tennessee.
  18. Downsizing…Ari Gold style.
  19. Matt Damon was the funniest part of the Entourage season.
  20. Superhero Facebook updates.
  21. Speaking of superheroes, maybe the movie madness has gone too far.
  22. Will require a viewer to translate, or be content with cool pictures.
  23. And finally, another plug for my friend David’s Iraq deployment blog.

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