Friday LinkFrogging

dana_delany_1Its been a slow week for us here at GonzoGeek, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten you our loyal reader(s). 

On the contrary, its Friday and we’ve exchanged emails, accumulated our links and are ready to share them with the world.

But before we get to that we’d be remiss if we didn’t serve up some cheesecake.  At Stephe’s suggestion we went old school today.  Please say hello to Dana Delany.  Ms. Delany first came to prominence as the lead in the Vietnam based television show China Beach.  However, it was her performance as Lisa in Exit to Eden that Stephe mentioned when he suggested her.  Or, more precisely, he said:

In the dark days before the internet, finding a hot pic of your latest TV crush was next to impossible unless you liked hanging out at Spencer’s gifts.

 I don’t like Spencer’s gifts, but I always had a thing for Dana Delany.  Didn’t hurt, she went full-frontal in Exit to Eden.

I guess I should be glad he didn’t send me a picture of Rosie O’Donnell.

On to the links.

  1. Stephe really liked Skottie Young’s work on a recent Wizard of Oz graphic novel.
  2. He likes Kennon James too.
  3. John has strong opinions on the Snuggie.
  4. Gaze upon this baby picture of Brock Lesnar and weep for the mother that bore him.
  5. A Japanese cafe where you get what the person in front of you orders. Concept over convenience.
  6. Tomorrow the greatest rivalry in college fotball renews.
  7. Nigel McGuinness debuts in TNA as Desmond Wolfe. A kickass wrestler by any name against Kurt Angle makes John a happy man.
  8. Anvil (stars of Anvil!: The Story Of Anvil) capitalize on their cult fame with video games and home invasion.
  9. In an excerpt of his new book, pop culture guru Chuck Klosterman talks about football, perception and evolution.
  10. A really great profile of Joe Paterno from Sports Illustrated.
  11. This will be my name suggestion for the GonzoGeek band when we get around to forming it.
  12. Is email dying?
  13. This man is a real American hero.
  14. Raising Hell on Broadway.
  15. RIP Soupy Sales.
  16. Surprisingly, a burger from that dude who always had a grill going in the car lot across the street from the Strip at 2 am is not on the list.
  17. Kawabunga!
  18. Oh, the delicious irony.
  19. Dear Santa,
  20. Star Trek 2:  The Rumors Begin…
  21. Batman:  The Brave and the Bold goes musical tonight with Neil Patrick Harris.
  22. That didn’t take long.
  23. Check the survival status of your favorite TV shows.
  24. Mike Mignola, take note.
  25. And finally, another plug for my friend David’s Iraq deployment blog.

3 thoughts on “Friday LinkFrogging

  1. Tragedy was narrowly averted earlier today. It seems the pic Stephe sent of Ms. Delany was hosted on GeoCities.

    GeoCities took the big sleep yesterday and with it went our picture.

    Luckily, there were other versions of it to be found.

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