The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 5

wes_simsWhen last we checked in on our UFC wannabes, Team Rashad had just gone up an impressive and commanding 4-0 after Brendan Schaub submitted Demico Rogers.

Rampage Jackson left his downed fighter in the middle of the octagon in disgust.

In episode five, Rashad once again gets to pick the fight.  He chooses Justin Wren who had previously balked at fighting his buddy, Scott Junk.  Wren’s opponent is UFC reclaimation case, Wes Sims.

Sims has previously fought in the UFC but was sent packing after several incidents, including stomping Frank Mir in the face while holding on to the cage for balance.

In other house news, Matt “Meathead” Mitrione complains of shoulder pain but doesn’t want to listen to his coaches regarding how best to handle it.  “Big Baby” Marcus Jones gets upset when he doesn’t get the fight after believing Rashad had promised the fight to him.  And, most unpleasantly, Zak Jensen becomes a pariah in the fighter house after being accused of rubbing one out and not cleaning up after himself.

All together now…EWWWWW!

On to the fight.

At 6’10”, Sims holds a tremendous size and reach advantage over Wren.  However, once the bell rings, Wren quickly nullifies that advantage.  After a couple of long punches land early, Wren takes Sims into the cage and then to the ground.  He locks in an arm triangle and Sims goes out.

Wren takes the victory for the now 5-0 Team Rashad.

Once again, Rampage shows real class by walking away from the Octagon and leaving Sims to be cared for by the rest of his team.

The show closes with a verbal confrontation between Rampage and Rashad that may or may not be leading up to a future fight between them.

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