The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 6

schoonSo we roll in to the sixth week of Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter with Team Rashad holding a commanding 5-0 lead.  Rampage Jackson continues to distance himself from his fighters, taking no responsibility for their poor performances.

Instead, this week Jackson turns his attention to the schoolyard bullying of Darrill Schoonover.  Jackson’s idea of clever wordplay is to call Schoonover “Titties” over and over.

Meanwhile, Schoonover and Zak Jensen are chosen for this week’s fight.

During the weigh-in the tensions between Jackson and Schoonover peak and they nearly come to blows.  Dana White doesn’t think this would be a good idea on Schoonover’s part, but I’m not so sure.

Matt is a big Rampage guy.  We’ve talked about how poorly Jackson is being portrayed during this competition.  Rightly or wrongly, he looks like a tool by calling out Schoonover.

Speaking of Schoonover, this guy isn’t right.  When he steps into the octagon he has dead eyes.  Serial killer dead eyes.  He’s not the most popular guy in the house.  In fact, the fight between he and Jensen is seen as a battle of the weakest links.  The other fighters even have a pool going as to which of them will snap first under the constant abuse they’ve been taking.

Then its fight time.

Like I said, Schoonover is a different guy when he steps into the octagon.  Jensen never stood a chance.  Schoonover pummeled him and choked him out with a brutal looking traingle choke out of a slam in the first round.

After the fight, Jackson once again leaves his fighter alone in the octagon.

That makes it 6-0 Team Rashad with 2 weeks of preliminary fights to go.

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