The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 7

matt-mitrioneNow that I’ve finally caught up on the backlog I had, I can actually do a timely review of last night’s episode.

Team Rashad is up 6-0 after Darrill Schoonover’s impressive victory over Zak Jensen last week.  There are four men left who haven’t fought, including “Big Baby” Marcus Jones and Matt “Meathead” Mitrione.

Meathead gets the nod from Rashad for this week’s fight.  Scott Junk, who I guess could work in porn if the MMA thing doesn’t work out, is chosen as his opponent.  For those of you keeping track at home, that means next week’s fight will be Marcus Jones against Mike Wessel.  I’m sure Wessel has been on screen before, but when they showed him he could just as easily been part of the production team for all the screen time he’s had.

Rashad and Rampage get in an extremely heated exchange with a couple of the fighters getting between them.  The inability of his team to win a single fight is starting to wear on Jackson.  I pity the fool who steps in the octagon with him next.

Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.

We see Meathead training with Jon Madsen, week 1’s winner.  Meathead goes from sparring to all out fighting.  That gets him called into the coach’s office and a huge berating by Rashad.  Evans tells him to focus that anger and energy on his opponent not his teammate.

Junk tells us that he doesn’t like Meathead and is looking forward to showing him exactly how much.

Then its fight time.

Mitrione comes out swinging and swinging big.  He knocks Junk to a knee early and then proceeds to follow up.  He staggers Junk a couple more times before knocking him to the mat.  Then he pounds on Junk.  I thought they’d stop the fight there, but they didn’t

Junk recovers and goes the distance with Mitrione.  The fact that Mitrione looked gassed out about half way through the first round helped.  The fight ends with Junk’s right eye swelling shut and Dana White appaulding the hard hitting action.

As they are preparing to announce the decision, my DVR recording cut off.  Stupid overages.

So, according to Wikipedia, Mitrione defeated Junk by majority decision.

Following the match, Quinton Jackson walks away from the cage and rips apart a door leading to the locker room area.

So we head into the final preliminary fight with Team Rashad up 7-0 and the fate of Team Rampage resting solely on the shoulders of Marcus Jones.

Click here for the Spike TV “Aftermath” of the fight.

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