Friday LinkFrogging

salmaOn the eve of All Hallow’s Eve it is time once again for your GonzoGeek to take you LinkFrogging around the internet.

I had a pretty good idea when I suggested this to the guys that it might drive some traffic our way.  Turns out I was right.  Between the bunch of us we have some pretty eclectic tastes and the links reflect that.

Then again, it might just be the cheesecake.

Speaking of, say hello to Salma Hayek.  Well, more specifically say hello to Salma Hayek as Satanico Pandemonium in From Dusk ‘Til Dawn.  When Stephe and I decided to go Halloween with this week’s cheesecake we thought of some obvious choices like Elvira or Jamie Lee Curtis.  Kate Beckinsale was mentioned, but she’s already been served up.  Then we got on to vampires and Salma became our go to girl this week.

Now, on to the links.

  1. The Numa Numa Kid conducts the Michigan State band.
  2. Paul Haggis leaves, and eviscerates, Scientology.
  3. Type in a phrase and this website will find the words in a huge database of songs and play it for you.
  4. Jessica Alba is staring at you.
  5. In memory of Chuck Biscuits.  Dead at 44.
  6. Bottoms up!
  7. Spooky new animal species discovered this year.
  8. Chupacabra caught on tape in Houston suburb.
  9. Giant sea monster skull found England.
  10. Phillie Nation harnesses the power of the Taco Bell Blackjack Taco.
  11. Who does Bat-Man dress up as for Halloween?
  12. And speaking of pictures of superheroes…
  13. Candy nobody wants.
  14. RIP Geocities.  We flame our text in your honor.
  15. Speaking of viking funerals.  Look who’s playing Odin in the Thor movie.
  16. Some film franchises are too profitable to die, no matter how they may suck.
  17. Well, Chuck me!  Take 1.
  18. Well, Chuck me!  Take 2.
  19. You should REALLY be watching Modern Family.
  20. What happens to your Facebook when you die?
  21. Jimmy Kimmel schools Melissa Joan Hart.
  22. Hardest.  Pop Warner.  Hit.  Ever.
  23. When bad monsters go good.
  24. Enough is enough!  I’ve had it with these m*th*rf*ck*ng snakes on this m*th*rf*ck**ng plane!
  25. David’s Iraq blog.
  26. That was then.  This is now.
  27. And finally, please welcome, the mistress of the macabre, the epitome of evil, the most sinister movie to crawl on the face of the Earth…Satanico Pandemonium!

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