Friday LinkFrogging

DaffneyIf its Friday, then it must be time for our gang (gaggle?) of GonzoGeeks to take you on a trip through the wonderful world of the web as seen through our seriously skewed worldview.

But before we set off on our journey, let me offer you a slice of cheesecake.  This week, its Daffney, TNA superstar and all around cool chick.

Why you may ask?

The answer is quite simple.  Before it was cancelled, this was the scheduled weekend for Wizard World Texas, an event Stephe and I attended for all of its years, including last year where we met Daffney and convinced her to be our first celebrity interview.  Since then, Daffney has gone on to play The Governor (TNA’s parody of Sarah Palin) and emerge on the other side as the goth chick she was meant to be.  She’s currently rehabbing a broken arm.

***UPDATE 11/20/09 – Got an email from Daffney yesterday.  It wasn’t a broken arm, but rather a very serious concussion.  The injury is corrected but the sentiment remains the same.***

Get well soon Daff!

Now, on to the links.

  1.  Everyone’s favorite uncle…Television!
  2. More cool custom toys!
  3. A toy Stephe says he must have!
  4. The latest from the Mayor of Parts Unknown.
  5. Sean Salisbury is suing DeadSpin.  Could be a watershed case when it comes to the blogosphere.
  6. One of John’s favorite angles from the territorial days of wrestling.
  7. This week’s episode of PWF internet TV.
  8. This joke by Tommy West about Lane Kiffin has Tennessee players fired up for some unfathomable reason.  It’s barely a decent joke.
  9. Rob Zombie calls Hollywood chicken.
  10. Still a loner.  Still a rebel.
  11. John Stewart does Glenn Beck.
  12. I would have been far more surprised to find out Tim Lincecum didn’t smoke dope.
  13. Stay classy Joe!
  14. All this and yet no Canyonero.
  15. Rastaman litigations.
  16. As someone who just completed the American Community Survey, I say thanks Ron.
  17. Continuing last week’s crytozoology theme.
  18. Was his name Goose?
  19. Christopher Walken sings Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.
  20. Do you know who was the original choice to play Indiana Jones?
  21. Surely Marc Singer wasn’t busy.
  22. Josh Whedon wants to buy the Terminator franchise.
  23. A zombie film currently in production in Tennessee.
  24. Can’t be any worse than the prequels.
  25. Oh the irony.  Mexico dealing with aliens.
  26. Before I delete the bookmark, here’s the story that was the basis for American Gangster.
  27. Our weekly link to David’s Iraq deployment blog.
  28. And, if you like what you see, then become a fan on Facebook.

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