Steven Adler’s Dead!

Well, not in real  life. But he plays a Jeffrey Dahmer victim in new ‘slasher comedy’ ‘Dahmer vs. Gacy.’ You can see Adler very briefly around the :41 and 1:03 marks in the trailer for the Ford Austin movie.  Adler reportedly first gets picked up and then killed with a drill to the head by Dahmer.

Steven Adler, ready to rock!

I wish I could make a joke about it being payback for all the pain he’s caused the rest of us via his on-going musical efforts with Adler’s Appetite, but as basically a glorified Guns n’ Roses cover band my one time seeing them (with Quiet Riot and Bang Tango no less) was actually a really good time. They do their thing very well.

10 thoughts on “Steven Adler’s Dead!


  2. Agreed 1000%. My favorite example of this is to remember that the Beatles’ entire recording career lasted just 7 years. They put out ‘Revolver,’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s…,’ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and the White album in the same 2-year span!!

    And it’s gotten so bad that on much of what classifies as ‘rock’ these days, you can’t even hear the actual musicians playing their instruments anymore, it’s all just one big SOUND.

    I don’t give a damn about genre. I like hearing musicians make music.

    ‘Cranky Old Man’ signing off!

  3. You see the two-and-out curve very frequently, I agree, even from bands who seem to have the world at their feet. It actually heightens my respect for outfits like Motley Crue or Oasis who definitely have their ups and downs, but keep something working for decades on end.

    I suspect the busts have more to do with an inability to deal with life than to deal with music.

    And don’t worry. I still bust out my co-headliner Gn’R/Metallica shirt every so often. The end of that show though (i saw night one at RFK in DC) was proof positive that the wheels were already starting to come off…..Gunners closed. Final encore?? M-fn ‘Estranged,’ a bloated overly complex ballad hardly anyone had heard yet.

    1. Oh, I just re-read my November 9 comment. I wrote “stick” but meant “stink.” “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words like ‘stink’ will never hurt me.”

      Yeah, also think that the nature of rock and rock musicians has changed. It’s a more fragmented, specialized scene, and the musicians themselves are less interested in experimentation, risk and cross-pollination. Related to that, they’re a lot lazier. Classic example: The Doors. Did they party? You bet they did. Probably more than Axl and company and most rockers today. But from 1967 to 1971, they put out six records and toured, toured, toured. Morrison wrote two books of poetry and directed two films. And most importantly, no two Doors albums sounds the same. That’s not true today. Hey, I love Slayer, but let’s face it, their albums stick to a very set sound.

      I imagine that musicians like the Doors simply grew up listening to a lot less rock than we’d assume. They listened to jazz, classical, folk, and were open to new sounds. Plus, as much as we goof on the hippies for being lazy, the Doors and their peers simply had more of a work ethic. The proof is in the pudding. Compare their output with that of Gn’R or Metallica with their five-year coffee-breaks.

  4. Ha! It’s funny you should run something on the Little Drummer Boy. I saw a dude on the train wearing a jacket that said “More Guns than Roses.” That was cool, although I would’ve preferred “More Guns, Less Roses.”

    Oh, and a certain mutual friend and I were enjoying lunch the other day when Gn’R’s cover of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” came on. Christ, is that awful. I mean awful. It wasn’t rock, it was… warmed up 1970s trash-cliches-effete-macho-posturing-bloated-self-important-Hollywood-feces. It’s actually fascinating, and something I’ve not read examined, how a band can put out some good records and then begin to seriously and criminally SUCK. In some cases, like Gn’R, their worthwhile output is basically just one long-player and an EP. God, and to think I was wearing Gn’R tee-shirts as late as 1992… That’s when they really began to stick. Ugh, the shame, the shame.

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