The Super Hero Squad Show

I love the Super Hero Squad toys from Hasbro.

The tiny little good guys and bad guys make nice desk decor.

They’re so popular that everyone from DC to Dark Horse has gotten into the act.

Green Arrow, Thor and Hellboy

So it came as no surprise that Marvel would spin these little moneymakers off into a cartoon series.  What better way to sell the toys.  Its a time honored tradition.

My kids were jacked up about the debut of the cartoon, so I set the DVR.

I told Stephe, who had already seen an episode.  His response?

They’ll love it.  It might kill you.

Worrisome?  Sure, but I sat down and watched it with them.  My response to David on Monday?

It made my head hurt.

I understand the show is geared for kids and in that respect its a great jumping on point for them.  They’re getting exposed to the Marvel Universe in a manner their brains can handle, much the way the Super Friends was the entry to DC Comics when I was a kid.  A few episodes in and they already know who Misty Knight is.  That can’t be all bad.

My biggest problems have been with the handling of Thor, one of my all time favorites.  In one episode he was banging himself in the head with his hammer.  In an episode this morning, he was using Mjolnir as a squeegee.


Did I mention the part where Dr. Doom was blowing a bubble out of his mask?  No?  Nevermind.

The Super Hero Squad Show is a mixed bag.  Take a couple of Tylenol before you sit down with the kiddies and you might just enjoy yourself.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

It currently airs on Cartoon Network weekdays at 8:30 am EST.

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