The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 9

justin wrenTonight we begin the quarter finals.  There are only 8 fighters remaining.

Tonight’s fight is between Roy “Big Country” Nelson and Justin Wren.

Wren impressed me in his first fight by submitting UFC veteran Wes Sims in the first round.

Tonight he takes on a much tougher opponent in Nelson.  Nelson’s physique belies his abilities as a fighter, but he still hasn’t impressed Dana White.

Other happenings?

Matt Mitrione may have a concussion after his fight with Scott Junk.  OR, he might be faking it like he did the arm injury before his fight with Junk.  The house is pretty divided.  Dana White paid a surprise visit to the house to check on Mitrione.

The talk turns to who would replace Mitrione if he isn’t cleared to fight in the quarter finals.  Everyone seems to think the spot should go to Kimbo Slice.  Granted, he’s the biggest name among the eliminated fighters, but it was Scott Junk who went three brutal rounds with Mitrione two weeks ago.  If I was junk and Kimbo got the call ahead of me, I’d be pissed.  I’m just saying.

Team Rampage filled Rashad’s car with chickens (or “cocks” if you’re 12) because, well, I guess they don’t have much to do with only 1 fighter in the quarters.

Let’s go to the octagon for the match.

Wren comes out throwing.  Nelson doesn’t know what hit him, but it was several strong punches from Wren. Wren absolutely owned the first round.  He pounded Nelson mercilessly.  It was only a clench in the cage that saved Nelson from getting knocked out in my opinion.

The second round was not as clear cut.  Wren was exhasted and missed some big punches.  Nelson picked his spots and mades some good punches and kicks.  By the time the second round was over, Wren could barely hold his hands up.

Everyone in the gym was expecting a third round.

They didn’t get it.

To everyone’s surprise it was announced that the judges had reached a decision.  If I’d been Roy Nelson I would have been worried.

But despite Justin Wren’s clearly superior first round, the judges somehow gave the fight to Nelson.


That fight should clearly have gone to a third round.  Its also entirely possible Wren would have gotten knocked out in that 3rd round, but he at least deserved a shot.

So, Roy Nelson is in the semi-finals and Justin Wren’s season is over.  That being said, I think his showing on TUF will get him some more looks by the UFC.

Next week its Brendan Schaub against Jon Madsen.  That one should be interesting.

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