Friday LinkFrogging

julie_bowen20Welcome once again kids to our weekly recap of our myriad journeys through the internet.

This has become a highlight for all of us and we’re hoping you’re enjoying the links as much as we’re enjoying compiling them for you.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this week’s cheesecake.  The lucky lady this week is Julie Bowen currently starring on ABC’s breakout hit, Modern Family.  This is far and away the funniest new show on television and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not watching it.  You may also recognize Julie from Boston Legal, Happy Gilmore or, most of the GonzoGeek staff’s favorite, Ed.

Stephe and I originally had Julie slated for cheesecake duty a couple of weeks ago, but had a hard time finding the appropriate picture.  We’re sure glad we waited.  I bet you are too.

Quick piece of Modern Family trivia.  According to Wikipedia, Ed O’Neill, who plays the family patriarch, Jay Pritchett, is  a black belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  You don’t mess with Al Bundy kids.

On to the links.

  1. Rock beats scissors.  Pelican beats Bugatti.
  2. Dokken Radio.  Rhymes with Rokken Daddio.
  3. All you gotta do…
  4. Copying Risky Business is risky business.
  5. In honor of the Sam Kinison concert DVD I found at Big Lots today for $6.
  6. America (sadly) asked for it:  More Seth McFarlane than you can handle.
  7. Super Dave Osborne on The Tonight Show – dick jokes and nut shots.
  8. The trailer for Kick-Ass kicks…well…ass.
  9. Will the Inglorious Basterds ride again?  Will they learn to spell?
  10. Yo Sherlock!  Esquire interviews Robert Downey, Jr.
  11. Evil Dead heading back to theaters in 2010.
  12. And you know Ash will come armed…or handed.
  13. Murderdeathkill!
  14. Carrie Prejean threatens to walk out on Larry King.  Yeah, like she’s the first 20ish blonde to do that.
  15. And she wasn’t having sex in that video.  Wow!  Even she can’t stand to be in the same room as her.
  16. This one if for John.
  17. Only if the swirls make a trio of 6’s.
  18. Colts.  Patriots.  Sunday Night Football.
  19. I want mine to be adorned with Hourman.
  20. Take not girls.  Not all vampries are sparkly and sweet like in Twilight.
  21. I blame Justin Long.  Wait!  Was that two Ed references this week?
  22. Even Fox News is fact checking Sarah Palin now.
  24. Sean Hannity admits Jon Stewart was right.  In a related story, Hell freezes over!
  25. He wasn’t extorting.  He was pitching.
  26. Spider-Man 4 villain rumorsssss.
  27. The Mayans weren’t the only ones to prophesy the end of the world.
  28. David’s Iraq deployment blog.
  29. And finally, something for all you golfers out there to put on your Christmas lists.

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