Please Drive Around…

And a large orange drink!

It seemed simple enough. 

I pulled into the drive thru of a local establishment for a breakfast sandwich and a caffeinated beverage this morning.  No big deal, right?


What happened next isn’t necessarily atypical, but it was a glaring example of how customer service is dying.

The woman in the drive thru repeated the beverage portion of my order and then began to do the same with my sandwich.  Then, she abruptly stopped and told me to drive around.


I pulled to the window and paid.  I got my order and drove around the building toward the exit.  Some little voice in the back of my head told me to check the order.  I did.

It wasn’t even close.

What I ordered was a bisquit.

What I got was a taquito.  Or more appropriately, a breakfast taco.

How did she get “taquito” from “biscuit?”  I don’t care how bad the language barrier is, that’s not even close.

Which I guess brings me to the crux of my rant.

I’ve worked in a drive thru.  Its a pretty thankless job so I tend to give those folks a break most of the time.  However, this isn’t the first time this same woman has done this to me.  The only difference was that this time I checked the bag before I was too far gone.

The fault lies with the manager.  The audio capacity of the basic drive thru is akin to that of a tin can phone and a piece of string.  The person you put in the hole is at a disadvantage to begin with.  Why would you make it worse by putting someone who doesn’t have a secure grasp of the language in the drive thru.

Of course, the fact that the manager had the same issues, only from a different continent, when I went in to get the problem corrected told me all I needed to know.

Yes, I asked for my order to be fixed and the manager got it wrong too.

It took me three fucking tries to get a “sausage biscuit with cheese.”

Customer service people, you have GOT to do better.  If you don’t understand me, ask me to repeat myself.  I don’t mind.  It’ll be better for both of us.  Trust me.

Don’t make me shout “no huevos cabron” into the tin speaker as my co-workers suggested.  That’s only going to piss me off.

Do your job and I’ll be very pleasant.

Mess up my breakfast order again and I’m gonna go Mike Tyson on someone.  I’ll already be hungry.

Thank you and please come again.

2 thoughts on “Please Drive Around…

  1. I’m currently on hold with Dell because a docking station I purchased won’t work. The network card isn’t working. But I’ve been asked multiple times for a service tag, a number assigned to a computer. My problem, the device doesn’t work and because it doesn’t work, I’ve not hooked it up to a computer. Ergo, the service tag is IRRELEVANT!!

    But try telling that Mark the dispatcher, Iris the Small Business Specialst, or Rajhib with technical support in New Fucking Delhi.

    Now that I’ve gotten them to understand that it is not a computer I’m calling about…We’re back to square one!!!!

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