Sarah Palin: People Will See Me And Cry

Look, Ma! No content!!

I think the above says it all.

Sarah  Palin wrote a book, and to our collective surprise, it was not a pop-up book or a coloring book, or even written in crayon.  It was a real book, with words and punctuation and chapters.

Wow.  Good job.  You finished something.  Have another 15 minutes of fame on me.

And maybe you can milk that photo on Newsweek for a couple more, too.

And Levi in Playgirl.  That’s worth what, five?

I’ve started this rant a couple times now, but it usually makes my brain sad and I stop.  Originally, I got all worked up over Balloon Boy and his parents, although calling them parents is an insult to those of us who actually raise our children, not use them as an audition tape.   That someone would be so desperate to be ‘famous’ that they’d perpetrate such an obvious hoax was beyond me.  And how did I know it was a hoax?  Because I, like so many of us, have carried heavy things in a sack.  Two gallons of milk in a plastic bag is a footrace from the car to the kitchen.  Will I make it before the milk spills and I have to go back to the store?  Now, extrapolate from the groceries to a homemade weather balloon.  Where was the heavy thing in that sack?  Hiding in the garage?  Whatever.  Maybe a decent family court judge will sentence mom and dad to a lifetime of parenting classes.

Then it was on to Jon Gosselin, the most famous sperm donor ever.  I get that being famous is cool and all, but grow a fucking spine already!!  Your wife was a meshuggenah shrew.  People hate you for walking out on your 8 children.  Well, don’t sit around looking for pity.  Tell them all to fuck off, it’s not their lives.  That’s what I’d do, but I’m not on TV, I don’t need to be likable.  My tipping point was his third straight appearance on the Insider. For three nights this tool sat there while the Insider’s staff and guest bullies ripped him seven ways from Sunday, essentially taking a hate-dump on his soul.  And he took it!!   Three nights in a row!!  The price I pay to watch Craig Ferguson, oy.

Which brings me back to Governor Palin.  Again.  Simply put, will this woman not go away?  Of course not, she was famous for awhile and fame, if we’ve learned anything from her reality show compadres, is pretty hard to walk away from.  And yes, I do see her as just another reality show contestant.  Plucked from relative obscurity and given a shot to be leader of the free world (or a shot at being one heartbeat away from leading the free world).  All she needed was your vote, polls open all day Tuesday.

I can’t help but see her in the same light as a Jon Gosselin.   Our media has seen to that.  Real news and fake news are treated equally.  I’d posit that the fake news is being given more weight these day, but I’m a cynic.  Sarah Palin, like Balloon Boy, Jon Gosselin, Joe Millionaire, Richard Hatch and countless others are fake news.  Fluff pieces.  At one time, the Governor was real news, she was the Vice Presidential candidate, after all.  But campaigns end and instead of going back to Alaska and padding her resume, she up and quit the only job that gave her credibility.  Now she’s just out there trying to stay relevant, which, as a goal, slip further and further away every time she opens her mouth.  The lights are on, but she’s not at home.  Her will is not her own.  To paraphrase Robert Palmer, she, like everyone else mentioned above, might as well face it, they’re addicted to fame.

And somehow, you and I are the worse for it.

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