The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 10

This week brings us week 2 of the quarter finals.  Our scheduled fight is Brenden Schaub and Jon Madsen.

However, the bigger news seems to be the ongoing soap opera of Matt “Meathead” Mitrione.  Mitrione finally returns to the training center with a story of his brain swelling as the cause of his recent absence.  BS is called by the coaches and several castmates.

Meanwhile, the speculation continues as to who will replace Mitrione if he does drop out.

The prohibitive favorite seems to be Kimbo Slice, but that train may have gone off the rails this week.  Kimbo is having pain in his knee.  An MRI reveals missing cartilage in his knee that may require surgery.

Scott Junk still looks like hell from his fight with Mitrione.  Maybe he wouldn’t be as good a choice as I suggested last week.

The less said about the beach volleyball “coaches’ challenge” the better.  We’re obviously padding.  Of course, Evans does manage to pad his wallet and the wallets of his team by winning the thing, but still.

Rashad Evans calls Mitrione aside for a heart-to-heart.  He asks Meathead straight up if he wants to fight and only gets another evasive answer.  Fed up, Evans puts in a call to Dana White.  The president of the UFC calls all the fighters together and gives them his version of a pep talk…

You want fame?  Well, fame costs.  And right here is where you start paying.  With sweat.

Wait.  That’s not right.

For those of you keeping track at home, that’s two Fame references on GonzoGeek this week.

We really are gonna live forever.

White’s speech talks about fighters getting hurt, fighters fighting hurt and how nobody is forcing the contestants to fight.  The entire time he was talking all I could here was Debbie Allen’s Fame speech.

He doesn’t single out Mitrione, but the implication is there.

Then its on to the fight.

Schaub and Madsen have a good first round.  Its a back and forth fight.  Things change dramatically in the second round when Schaub uses his reach advantage to simply knock Madsen the hell out.  The punch was solid and it sent Jensen to the mat hard.

Schaub joins Big Country in the semi-finals.

Here’s the link to “The Aftermath” on the Spike TV site.

My DVR cut off before the show ended so I don’t know which quarter final is next week.  It’ll either be:

Marcus Jones v. Darrill Schoonover


James McSweeney v. Matt Mitrione/Kimbo Slice/Someone completely different.

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