Operation: Earwax Removal

So did you ever get your ear so stopped up you had to go get it unclogged? One of the benefits of having a doctor in the family is you can git ‘er done at home. And if what comes out is huge and hairy, it’s even cooler if you have another brother around to film the whole thing.

And what’s cooler than that?….If Rosie O’Donnell sees said vid, takes a liking to it, and talks about it on the air; a listener hears the mention and posts it in the comment section on YouTube; and one of the brothers gets in touch with Rosie’s producers who, after verifying that he is really a partipant in this fine film, offer to bring all three into NYC to be in-studio guests on her Sirius radio show (sometime around Dec. 14).

The clip’s caption reads: “In the spring of 2008, 3 brothers came together to help the youngest with his earwax buildup. This is a comical and rather disturbing documentation of the event.” There is also a clear disclaimer at the beginning to ‘not try this at home.’ Nonetheless, some of the subsequent comments are even more entertaining than the video itself.

As just one example, I submit the following sequence:

commandershadebetter (2 weeks ago) 

Ok…. I am really FUCKING pissed off. I had my volume up slightly… and then when I got that part when the guy is pulling out the wax… oh dear Jesus, that FUCKING BITCH nearly BLEW OUT MY EARDRUMS with her god fucking damn OOOOOHHHH!!! STFUY YOU STUPID BITCH… its fuckign earwax. Shutup! I fucking when people have to screa moohh really loudly.

ProConstitutioner (2 weeks ago) 

He sounded like he was having an orgasm or something.

clamcrabber (2 weeks ago) 

this is the best video in the entire world.
Testimonials like these don’t just grow on trees folks. If you haven’t checked it out, please sit back, click the happy box, and enjoy the show.

4 thoughts on “Operation: Earwax Removal

  1. i didn’t have those. but when I was a kid a used to get these terrible looking rashes all over my pecker. they continued into college. no physical pain. occasional severe psychological torture tho.

  2. Wow. Like an exorcism. Or childbirth.

    I’ll tell you what, my two most painful episodes in college weren’t hangovers or bruises from touch football. They were from radically stopped-up ears. Of course the on-campus medical staff were helpless.

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