The Ultimate Fighter – Heavyweights, Episode 11

There can be only one.

Tonight we were treated to the 2-hour regular season finale and four, count ’em, four fights.  Factor in all the extraneous drama and it was a big night for TUF.

Things start out with much discussion of Matt Mitrione and the “will he or won’t he” nature of his fight status.  Dana White attempts to make alternate plans for his semi-final match, offering it to Kimbo Slice.  Surprisingly, Slice turns it down.  Kimbo played it safe. 

Meanwhile, Scott Junk finds out he’s got two tears in his retina from his fight with Mitrione and may never fight again. This sends Marcus Jones over the edge and he confronts Mitrione at the training facility.  I really thought Jones was going to hurt him.

But enough of the drama.  Let’s get to the fights.

Up first, its a semi-final between James McSweeney and Matt Mitrione.  Mitrione admits that, once again, he’s been playing games with the organization and his opponent.  You can imagine how well this sat with McSweeney who gave Mitrione a serious shove at the weigh-in.

McSweeney looks like the real deal in this fight.  He was what Mitrione could do in his fight with Junk and he largely stayed away from Mitrione’s big punches.  McSweeney got Mitrione on the ground and locked in a guillotine.  Mitrione was more than happy to quick tap out and McSweeney advances to the semi-finals.

The last quarter final fight was the one I was most looking forward to as Marcus Jones takes on Darrill Schoonover.  Jones is a monster and Schoonover has the eyes of a killer.  Schoonover has been the target of taunts from Rampage Jackson all season.  Jones is the only fighter from Team Rampage left in the contest.

The fight doesn’t even go one round.  Jones quickly takes Schoonover to the ground and then pounds on hiim until the ref stops the fight giving Jones the TKO victory.  I thought Schoonover would do more.  I think Jones looks scary as hell.

So, it comes down to your final four:  Roy Nelson, Brendan Schaub, James McSweeney and Marcus Jones.

The final pairings are:

  • Roy Nelson v. James McSweeney
  • Brendan Schaub v. Marcus Jones

After some more Evans/Jackson shenanigans, including Team Rampage painting Team Rashad’s locker room pink and loading it with stuffed animals, we get to the semi-finals.

Up first are Roy Nelson and James McSweeney.  McSweeney starts out the fight strong, landing some good kicks and keeping Nelson at a safe distance so he can’t be taken to the ground.  Then McSweeney makes a tactical error. He begins to showboat and taunt Nelson.  He even goes so far as to stick his chin out and tell Nelson to hit it.  Nelson obliges, rattling McSweeney and taking him to the ground.  From there, its all Nelson.  He uses the same tactics he used on Kimbo Slice in week three.  He gets on top of McSweeney and pounds him until the ref puts a stop to the fight.  McSweeney is left bloody and Nelson advances to the finals.

The final fight is between the two former football players, Schaub and Jones.  Jones has simply steamrolled his opponents to date and I don’t like Schaub’s chances.  Jones quickly takes Schaub to the ground.  He works his way into a full mount and it looks like Schaub is done.  However, Schaub contines to move, somehow fighting his way out of the mount and back onto his feet.  Then Schaub absolutely tags Jones with a right that drops Jones.  Schaub follows him and executes a ground and pound that results in a ref stoppage and a KO victory for Schaub.

Here’s the Spike TV “Aftermath.”

So, when all is said and done, it will be Roy Nelson and Brendan Shaub facing off tonight on Spike TV for the title of The Ultimate Fighter.  If Schaub can stay off the ground this should be an interesting fight.  Hell, even if Nelson takes him to the ground, Schaub has show the ability to get back to his feet.  Just ask Marcus Jones.

The finals begin tonight at 9pm EST on Spike TV.  Kimbo Slice will be on the card taking on Houston Alexander.  We’ll also see Marcus Jones and Matt Mitrione face off in a grudge match.  He’s the complete card with some predictions.

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