iPod First Anniversary, #18-20

Fulcrum: ‘Man Of Air,’ ‘Brief Satisfaction’ (Stones adaptation), ‘Figurehead’ (The Cure cover)

KEY LYRIC: But it takes 47 hands to hold the birds in the air
That left me with 4 to spare
For the people, planes and insects, the clouds and the smog
And I could not hold them all
So I let you down
I let me let you down

 Album: Fulcrum

Year: 2003

Produced, mixed, and engineered by: Steve Cashman and Blake Simpson

NOTES: Written and recorded by my senior-year college roommate and one of his friends from med school. Was so much NOT what I expected that I never talked with him about it. By the time I went back to it and realized how awesome it was, I’d fallen out of touch. I think I feel an electronic manhunt about to start, again….UPDATE! Manhunt successful. Contact reestablished.

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