Friday LinkFrogging – 12/11/09

Welcome back kids. It has been quite a week here at homebase. I lost a load of links when I lost my PC. I’m not sure how that’s going to affect our final count today, but we’ll see.

We also welcome a new Geek to the herd this week. Aamir comes to us on a strong recommendation from Chris and we’re glad to have him in the fold. Look for him to start posting very soon.

And before we get to the links, it wouldn’t be LinkFrogging without our weekly slice of cheesecake. This week that cheesecake is Tina Fey. Love her or hate her, Tina is seeminly everywhere. Her take on Sarah Palin may have single-handedly submarined the former Alaska governor as a potential vice-presidential candidate. On a recent episode of David Letterman, when asked about a story that she was a virgin well into her 20’s her response was…”couldn’t give it away.”  It disarmed Letterman. That’s hard to do. Tina can be seen on NBC’s 30 Rock each Thursday night.

On with the links.

  1. The worst of the baseball.
  2. NBA – The world’s league.
  3. Russian missile or global coverup?
  4. Royalty my ass…
  5. AXL @ LAX (TMZ won’t let me just put in a link)
  6. Become an Achiever!
  7. Is it “gotcha journalism” when it comes from the right?  Youbetcha!
  8. Dear Alanis:  THIS is ironic.
  9. He’ll never wear an adult large baseball cap again either.
  10. Pride and Prejudice…and Zombies gets a star.
  11. Check out the survival status of your favorite TV shows.
  12. For all the Harry Potter pervs in the audience.  You know who you are!
  13. Because the world was just waiting for Howard Chaykin to draw Tracer Bullet. (not you Ray)
  14. The Conchords have been grounded.
  15. #1 is bathe.
  16. In this unlikely event, I won’t be compiling a list that week.
  17. Its as if Confederacy of Dunces came to life.
  18. Peter Gammons leaves ESPN.  Search underway to find new Red Sox homer.
  19. Nothing says Christmas quite like a gorked out Captain Pike.  Fa la la la la la logical.
  20. David’s Iraq deployment blog.
  21. The Ghostbusters take on A Christmas Carol.
  22. What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Claus?  Santa stops after 3 hos.
  23. A friend of mine just started this poker site.
  24. ATF stands for Alchohol, Tobacco and…
  25. Skynet was number 9.
  26. I should tweet this.

Speaking of Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing, you can follow us @gonzogeekcom.

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